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Homeopathic Remedies for Vaginal Discharge

Homeopathic remedies for vaginal discharge

The vaginal discharge, also known as Leucorrhoea, is thick and whitish in colour. This is a medical condition that occur in women, usually during the reproductive cycle. Medical conditions like anaemia, hormonal changes and diabetes leads to vaginal discharge. Redness and continuous itching in the vaginal area are symptoms of the vaginal discharge. This medical condition can really be irritating and so it can be best treated with Homeopathic medicines, because they have no side effects at all. So, here are some of the best Homeopathy medicines for vaginal discharge.

  1. Sepia Officinalis

    This homeopathic medicine is considered best for treating vaginal discharge occurring during the menopause period. This medicine is effective against the vaginal discharge that is yellowish-green in colour and causes itching in vulva. The women suffering through such a medical condition are always irritated and have a changed behaviour towards family and friends. This homeopathy medicine helps in calming all the symptoms, keeping the patients in a good mood. It is also very useful in the cases where women suffer through irregularities in their menstrual cycle.

  2. Alumina

    Though it sounds like a metal name, this is a very effective medicine for curing the medical condition, vaginal discharge. When the vaginal discharge is transparent in nature and causes a lot of burning sensation along with itching in the vaginal area, then this is considered as one of the best homeopathy medicine. This medicine is effective against the vaginal discharge that is very thin and runs down even till the heels, making one very uncomfortable! Alumina is considered best for treating vaginal discharge quickly and effectively without causing any side effects.

  3. Calcarea Carbonica

    Women with milky vaginal discharge coming long with itching in vulva can go for Calcarea Carbonica homeopathic medicine. When there is problem during urinating due to vaginal discharge or the condition worsens due to exertion, then this homeopathy remedy is considered the best. This medicine is often consumed by women who are obese and have some kind of deficiency, leading them to crave for eating chalks, pencils and lime. This homeopathic medicine effectively cures all these problems.

  4. Kreosotum

    If you are suffering through vaginal discharge which comes along with extreme itching, then relieve yourself with one of the best homeopathic medicine, Kreosotum. The colour of this discharge is yellow, leaving the stains on the clothes. The condition gets worst when patients stand and they feel better while lying down or sitting. It is highly recommended for women who feel very uneasy due to violent itching that comes with vaginal discharge.

  5. Natrum Muriaticum

    The vaginal discharges that are very thick, white in colour and transparent in nature, are best treated with highly effective medicine, Natrum Muriaticum. This type of Leucorrhoea, causes extreme pains in the abdominal region and gets worst while walking. These patients cannot at all bear the heat of the sun and crave for salty food. These symptoms are properly treated by this homeopathic medicine.

  6. Hydrastis Canadensis

    The vaginal discharge that is yellowish in colour, thick and hangs down in long strings can be very irritating and brings itching in the genital area along with it. The itching makes one extremely uncomfortable and makes one feel very weak. So, here comes one of the best homeopathic medicines, which is considered best for treating the Leucorrhoea in women.

So, these were some of the homeopathic remedies that are considered best for getting rid of the medical condition, Leucorrhoea that causes extreme uneasiness in the patients. According the type of symptoms, the homeopathic medicines for vaginal discharge change as mentioned above. So, if you are one of the patients, then definitely try these medicines that work quickly and are very effective!

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