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Health Benefits of Salep

Health Benefits of Salep

Salep also called as orchis mascula in scientific terms is a common herb which is known to grow during the time period of April-June. This herb is most commonly known to possess purple flowers however some variety of this orchid also does consist of pure white flowers. It is known to have leaves shaped in form or lance and are known to consist of some dark purple spots on them. This plant can usually be seen to grow up to a height of a foot however in open areas it can to a max rise up to 6 inches. This herb according to a legend was utilised in ancient times to promote love between people and was mainly utilised for production of wine. Some health benefits possessed by this herb are mentioned under.

Primary Use of this Herb

This herb is known to be beneficial for treating impotence in men. The extract obtained from this flower has been known to successfully treat erectile dysfunction and hence can be used for boosting the sex life of men.

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Chemical And Nutrient Content in Salep

This herb contains following compounds

  • Mucilage
  • Starch
  • Albuminous Bodies

Health Benefits of Salep

  1. Helps in Curing of Diarrhoea

    This herb has been known to be very effective in treatment of diarrhoea. Extract of this herb consumed with warm milk has been known to regulate the movement of bowel and hence cure issue related to digestive system.

  2. Is known for maintenance of skin health

    This herb has been known to be helpful in treating a variety of skin conditions and can effectively cure issue such as rashes and acne.

  3. For treating Male Sexual Issues

    This herb has proven its worth in treatment of numerous sexual issues and you can expect it to act as a wonderful treatment for impotence in men.

  4. Is known to possess expectorant properties

    This herb has been known to contain certain expectorant properties and hence can be utilised for treatment of issue such as cough and cold.

  5. Known to possess astringent qualities

    It helps in tightening of skin cells and tissues and is utilised for the purpose of bringing out glow on the skin and making the skin look tight and young.

  6. Helps in Removing Neural Stress

    This herb has also been known to act as a tonic and hence can relieve issue such as neural pain by unwinding the nerves and reducing any stress on them.

How to Use

  • The powder obtained from the grains of this orchid has been utilised my mixing it in food or consuming it with milk.
  • The root can be cooked and be consumed as it is a good source of salep.


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Health Benefits of S
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