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What Makes Homeopathy a Preferred Way to Get Cured

What makes homeopathy a preferred way to get cured

Homeopathy has its origins in Germany developed in the late 1700s. It is based on the principle of “like cures like” and the treatments are symptom oriented. The word Homois is a Greek word meaning similar and Pathos means suffering. In homeopathy, symptoms are treated considering them as normal responses of the body rather than depriving them or suppressing them. Homeopathy includes a series of well organised steps that are undertaken to understand the reason or causes of discomfort of a person and medications are given to root out the problem. Moreover, homeopathy also works effectively considering the immunity of the body to a certain disease.

Here are the reasons that make homeopathy a preferred to way to get cured:

  1. Treatment of the body as a whole

    One of the best things about homeopathy is that it involves the consideration of a problem causing discomfort as a threat to the whole body. Due to this, the approach is more collective and systematic rather than being singular and particular in nature. The goal of the treatment process in homeopathymedicines is to make the whole body healthy and living. It aims to carry out the necessary steps required to help the body attain a perfect or near perfect working condition.

  2. Promotes self-healing of the body

    One of the most important aspects of homeopathy is that it induces a self-healing aspect to the body’s consciousness. Self-healing helps the body to increase its immunity, thus reducing its vulnerability to certain diseases. The reduction of this vulnerability helps our body to grow stronger and be healthier than before. In homeopathycure, the body is given only that much amount of medication as much is needed to trigger the self-healing factor. A self-healing body is less dependent on medications and thus more likely to increase its longevity on its own.

  3. Treatment of Chronic disorders

    One of the best things about homeopathy is its effectiveness to treat chronic disorders. Diseases like asthma often take a toll on the body in the long run. Due to this, the person loses interest and health which decreases the quality and vigour of life. Homeopathy provides us a very simple yet working formula/method to deal with such long term disorders. Since homeopathymedicines are based on treating the root of the causes of discomfort, therefore it is more preferable to eradicate disorders on a long term basis and for lasting benefits.

    Some of the disorders treatable with homeopathycure are-

    • Chronic Pain
    • Insomnia
    • Allergies and Eczema
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Fatigue
    • Digestive problems


  4. The absence of side effects and hence a safer & health friendly way

    Another crucial point to consider about homeopathy is that it is bereft of any side effects. Homeopathy generally involves the dosage of small quantities given to the body which makes it a safer and more reliable approach than any other form of medication. The medications in homeopathy are generally a working phenomenon in the positive and intended effect on the body. Since the body is treated as a whole, the medications are also aimed at minimising the harmful effects due to the medications on the body.

    Homeopathymedicines while being an effective and deliberate method of increasing immunity of the body also has drawbacks. It is a slower process of treatment and healing. Based on the discomfort, it is advisable and recommended to the reader that doctor’s consultation must be given first preference over individual decisions when the health of the body is in question. Lastly, always have a positive mentality about healing and cure when facing a disease. It works to stimulate the body to positive effects.

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