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Mechanism of Action of Homeopathy Medicine

Mechanism of action of homeopathy medicine

For a very long time now, people have in a very derogatory way questioned homeopathy and its effects. There has been a constant derision about homeopathy medicines and homeopathy practitioners. What people fail to understand is that homeopathy was found in Germany by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1854) who was a very reputed and knowledgeable orthodox physician, a very able chemist and a botanist. His extensive research formed the basis of homeopathy medicines. Despite credibility, homeopathy treatment is often thought of as placebos and a hoax. Let us have a look at what exactly is the mechanism of action of homeopathy treatment which actually holds a lot of credibility.

What is the principle behind its action?

Unlike allopathic medicines, homeopathy cure focuses on building and strengthening body’s natural response to cure a disease or a disorder. It helps boost the immune system instead of acting against it (as in allopathic medicines). For example, diarrhoea in allopathic medicine will be cured by using medicines that induce constipation. Whereas homeopathy relies on creating the similar symptoms that in fact are a part of the healing effect. This phenomenon that is followed in two opposite ways in allopathic treatment and homeopathic treatment is one major factor that distinguishes the two. The pathway followed by allopathic medicines is known as ‘Law of opposites’ and that followed by homeopathic cure is known as ‘Law of similar’.

Law of similar comes from Hahnemann’s axiom that states – ‘Let the likes be cured by likes.’

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The potencies and dilutions of homeopathic medicines:

This fundamental is based on two laws stated in homeopathy:

1. Law of the single remedy – It states that a single remedy should be given in single doses until the symptoms of a disease aggravate a little and finally after some time begin to subside. This rule is extensively followed in homeopathy practice.

2. Law of the minimum dose – This law states that for a disease to heal, the symptom needs to be amplified: this can be done by minimal amount of dosage of a remedy required. Any symptom can be produced by only the perfect amount of minimal dose required; not a bit more neither a bit less. This means that every extract obtained from any homeopathy remedy needs to be diluted to an extent enough to act as a minimal dosage. This strength of the dosage required is nothing but what is called ‘Potency’ of a medicine in homeopathy.

Now, to bring down a crude extract obtained from remedies to the right potency, it has to be diluted. This dilution gives us the right amount of medicine required to cure a disease. Sometimes, what happens is that the homeopathy medicines are diluted to such an extent (potency) that it can be proved that they contain nothing more than sugar and water. This is one great set-back of the homeopathic medicines. It is doubted that people treated with high potencies receive nothing more than high amounts of sugar and water. It is observed that these dilutions barely contain any remedy molecules in a litre of water rendering it almost ineffective. But homeopaths still believe it to be very effective. According to them higher potency medicines have greater potential to cure a disease. Classification of dilutions is as follows:

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i. High potency – Above 200c
ii. Medium potency – 30c to 200c
iii. Low potency – 1c to 15c (1x – 30x)

It is also believed that the energy required for healing is stored in the medicine molecules mixed with water. It is often said that the healing power lies in biophysics of the body rather than biochemistry.

Homeopathy does not exactly have a clear explanation. Despite numerous accusations and belittling, homeopathy has worked wonders for people who had no hope for a healthy and good life. It’s all about faith, after all!

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