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Health Benefits of Catnip

Health Benefits of Catnip

Catnip has a common name as ‘Catmint’. It gets its name because the cats have an intense attraction towards them. This herb is short-lived and grows 50-100 cm long and wide. They bear flowers which are small in size and are white in color with pink or purple spots on it. They have a characteristic smell and bloom in late springs. This plant is used mainly in making essential oil which is beneficial for curing many diseases. This herb is extracted by the process of steam distillation. It is known for its anti-inflammatory and sedative properties which are useful in reducing inflammation throughout the body and calm the body.

Primary Use of this Herb

Catnip is mainly used as an insect repellant. It is also used in many beverages to add a different refreshing flavor to them.

Chemical and Nutrient Content in Catnip

The chemical composition of Catnip herb is as follows:

  • 4a-α,7-α,7a-β-nepetalactone
  • 4a-α,7-β, 7a-α-nepetalactone
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Health Benefits of Catnip

  1. Known to relieve stress

    Catnip is known to sedate humans and so it is a popular stress reliever. It also reduces chronic anxiety.

  2. Cures digestive issues

    Catnip is usually recommended in cases of constipation, bloating and excess flatulence. It also reduces the inflammation in the digestive system and relieves discomfort and tightness.

  3. Reduces menstrual cramps

    Catnip, taken in the form of tea, soothes the symptoms of symptoms especially the menstrual cramps. It also relieves depression and mood swings.

  4. Helps for having a good sleep

    People who have disorders like sleep restlessness and insomnia can try catnip as its sedative nature slows down natural cycle and induces a relaxed state.

  5. Relieves headache

    Catnip is very effective in reducing severe headaches, even those due to chronic migraines. The sedative properties in this herb make it useful in relieving headaches.

  6. Known to possess anti-inflammatory properties

    Due to this property of catnip, it is used in treating arthritis, gout, aching joints, hemorrhoids and sprained muscles.

  7. Used as repellant

    Catnip has a special quality of repelling and so it is used as an effective repellant. It keeps all the insects away and reduces chances of irritation on the skin.

  8. Speeds healing process

    Catnip has detoxifying properties which helps in cleaning all the infections present in the body. Catnip induces sweating which helps in removing all the toxins from the body.

How to Use:

  • Catnip is taken in the form of tea to cure many disorders.
  • Its leaves can be used to extract essential oil from it which is very useful and effective.


For people suffering from kidney and liver disorders, it is very risky to have catnip in any form. Also, pregnant women should avoid its use as it can cause premature labor. Also, while having catnip in the form of essential oil, it should be mixed with carrier oil to make it mild.

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