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Health Benefits of Spikenard

Health Benefits of Spikenard

Spikenard is a herb that was initially sowed in the regions of South America. The root of this plant has been utilised for quite a sometime. This herb is known to grow up to a height of 10 feet and the leaves of this plant are large and are known to contain white flowers. The roots of this plant are known to contain aromatic properties and are also used for numerous medicinal treatments. These herbs which are a close relative to ginseg are known to be utilised in tea as well as in root beer. This plant in Indian system of medication is famously known as the Jatimansi and is known to contain high nutrition value. Some medical advantages offered by this herb are mentioned under.

Primary Use of this Herb

This herb is primarily known for its anti-fungal nature and hence is used to keep up the skin health as well as prevent the development of micro-organisms inside as well as outside the body.

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Chemical and Nutrient Content in Spikenard

  • Volatile Oil
  • Tannins
  • Diterpene Acid

Health Benefits of Spikenard

  1. Is known to contain anti-bacterial properties

    This is one of the essential properties of this herb which makes this herb one of the most effective cures against numerous bacterial infections. This not only inhibits the growth of bacteria outside the body, but it also tends to kill any infection which is caused within the body. It can be applied for speedier recuperation of wounds as well as cuts.

  2. Is known to contain anti-fungal properties

    This is one of the prime reasons this herb is utilised for. It acts as a skin care agent and is known to cure fungal issues such as food poisoning and skin infections.

  3. Used as a Deodorant

    The pleasant smell of spikenard is known to have soothing effects on the nerves and is known to give a sense of comfort. Also, this doesn’t have any hard smells and hence wouldn’t give any headaches as some types of deodorant do.

  4. Is known to contain Anti-Inflammatory Properties

    The essential oil extracted from this herb has been known to cure all sorts of inflammation whether they are caused in nervous system or they are caused in the digestive tract.

  5. Acts as a Laxative

    Constipation is one of the major issues which are known to effect majority of people. However, being a mild laxative spikenard is known to cure a number of these issues. It helps in cleansing of the digestive tract while at the same time tends to clear any mucus present in there.

  6. Acts as a Sedative

    It is one of the very well-known sedative that is utilised for maintaining the emotional as well as physical balance. It tends to reduce any inflammations caused and removes any feelings of stress, anxiety or anger.

  7. Is known to be Maintain Health of Sex organs

    This herb has been known to stimulate uterus as well as ovaries and at the same time tends to facilitate production of hormones such as oestrogen and progesterone. This in totality maintains good health of the sex organs.

How to Use

  • The roots as well as shoots of this herb can be consumed by cooking.
  • The fruit of this herb can be eaten raw.
  • The essential oil extracted from this herb is also known to help in numerous medical issues.


There are no internal or external side effects of this herb.

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