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Health Benefits of Star Anise

Health Benefits of Star Anise

Star Anise is a common healing herb that is also used as spice in numerous dishes. This herb which is native to China is scientifically called as Illicium Verum. This plant is known to have a flavour which is found in Anise, however this isn’t related to that plant in any way. Also, called as the chakra phool this is one of the exotic spices that is used in numerous Chinese as well as Indian cuisines. But what people don’t know is that this herb apart from being an active flavouring agent in numerous dishes does possess number of health advantages. Some of the advantages it possesses are mentioned under.

Primary Use of this Herb

This herb is primarily known for its high value of anti-oxidants and hence it has been found to be beneficial in fighting against a number of free radicals and hence preventing issues such as cancer and improving the overall immunity.

Chemical and Nutrient Content in Star Anise

  • Anethole
  • Mucilage
  • Sugar
  • Choline
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  1. Helps in Fighting Off Free Radicals

    As mentioned before this herb is known to contain high volumes of anti-oxidants which are helpful in removing free radicals from the body. Hence it tends to reduce any oxidative stress on the body while at the same time tends to prevent issues such as aging and cancer.

  2. Helpful in treating Fungal Infections

    This herb has proved to be useful in treating numerous issues particularly candidiasis which is known to be a skin infection caused by a fungus. The oil extracted from the seeds of this plant have proved to be beneficial in treating numerous sorts of skin infections caused as a result of this disease.

  3. Fights Against Numerous Bacteria

    Numerous researches conducted on this herb have led scientists know that it can alleviate issues such as cough and asthma by fighting against bacteria which are the cause behind it. It has been known to contain expectorant qualities which make it one of the beneficial herbs to relieve chest congestion.

  4. Helps in treatment of Flu

    Shkimic acid is a compound present in this herb which is known to have anti-viral properties and when combined with another compound it helps in effectively eliminating influenza.

  5. Helps in Cases of Rheumatism

    Using star anise essential oil has been found to be beneficial in treating issues such as rheumatism. It is also one of the widely known cures for back pain and muscle pain.

  6. Helps in Improving Digestion

    In numerous countries, tea made from this herb is consumed in order to relieve digestive issues. It is known to cure issues such as bloating, constipation and gas. In India it is one of the prime ingredients in Masala Chai.

  7. Helps in Improving Health of Women

    In Chinese medication this herb is given to the ladies who are in their pregnancy period or are lactating. It is known to help them increase their health while at the same time tends to improve their milk secretion capacity.

  8. Is known to have sedative properties

    Yes star anise can be consumed by anyone who tends to face issues while sleeping for example, insomnia.

How to Use

  • The seeds of this herb can be utilised to extract star anise essential oil.
  • The pod is usually dried and then crushed to utilise it as a spice.
  • This can also be boiled and then made into a tea.


If consumed in high amounts then this can lead to slowing down of the respiration process. This can be toxic for small chidlren and hence shouldn’t be provided to them.

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