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Comparison of Efficacy of Homeopathic Versus Allopathic

Comparison of efficacy of homeopathic versus allopathic

Nobody ever really mentions this or decides to talk about this but there has always been a cold war between homeopathy and allopathy. Both have their own merits and demerits. Sceptics remain cynical about homeopathy as a legit form of medicinal practice. Let us first see what these two actually mean.

Allopathy – A system of medical practice that treats a disease by the use of remedies that produce effects different from those produced by the disease under treatment.

Homeopathy – A system of complementary medicine in which ailments are treated by minute doses of natural substances that in larger amounts would produce symptoms of the ailment.

How efficiently these medicines function largely depends upon the response every individual’s body produces. Say you have a swelling at the site of a wound. An allopath would prescribe medicines to get rid of the swelling, the heat and the redness. On the other hand, a homeopath would help the body’s natural response of swelling, redness and heat to persist. Allopathic medicines work exactly opposite to that of the body’s natural response. However, homeopathic medicines aid the body’s natural response.

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We will try to give you an example here. Say, a person is diagnosed with liver cirrhosis and he goes to an allopathic doctor. The allopathic doctor will suggest a treatment with interferon, an allopathic medicine. Interferon though, have grave side effects like kidney failure, hair loss, suicidal thoughts and extreme weakness. On top of that, there will be no assurance that your disease will be cured. Allopathic medicines can often be toxic. An overdose of allopathic medicines can cause a lot of health complications. They are often known to only suppress the disease and not cure it. One of the major advantages of these allopathic medicines is that it works much faster compared to homeopathic medicines. Diseases related to oral care can be treated effectively and better than homeopathic medicines. Diseases that need immediate surgery can only be performed after prescribing the right allopathic drugs.

Now, if you go to a homeopathy doctor, he/she will prescribe you homeopathic medicines that will treat the signs and symptoms of liver cirrhosis. It will try to heal the root cause of the disease. A bonus point for homeopathic medicines would be for almost no side-effects. An overdose of homeopathic medicines will never cause any significant health problem. Also, homeopathic cure has been proven more effective than allopathic medicines in chronic illnesses, like the example of liver cirrhosis stated above. Homeopathy is also known to cure terminal diseases like cancer. The time for healing is longer than that of allopathic medicines, though. One of the major setbacks of homeopathic medicines is that homeopathy doctors are not certified surgeons. Apart from that, I find no other reason for people to undermine homeopathy.

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One of the biggest reasons why homeopathy is not widely accepted is because it is not covered in insurance cost. Only allopathic medicines and surgeries are eligible for med claim. Each form of medical treatment has its own advantages and setbacks but that does not mean that either one of them should be undermined. The efficacy of both allopathic medicines and homeopathic medicines is very difficult to determine based on only a few factors. A human body is so complex that what suits which disease is immensely difficult to predict. Both forms of medicines are effective based on what are the intensity and the complete course of the treatment. Generally, homeopathy is considered safer but allopathic medicines are considered more effective. So, what choice you make should only depend on the type of immune system and the disease that you have. People have a wide range of opinions and the rant is endless. What is your choice is only yours to make.

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