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Health Benefits of Tarragon

Health Benefits of Tarragon

Tarragon is an active herb that is widely known for its aromatic properties. This herb has is utilised to a much greater extent in numerous French as well as German cooking. Also called as the dragon herb this plant is found mostly in the regions of Asia, Europe as well as South America. When fully grown this herb is known to grow up to a height of 4m and the leaves of this plant are known to have a fragrance similar to that found in anise. Most people might be familiar with the culinary usage of this herb however what they don’t know is that this herb does contain some amazing health advantages. Some of the benefits that this herb contains are mentioned below.

Primary Use of this Herb

This herb since the ancient times has been utilised for prevention as well a cure of oral issues especially those related with teeth. It helps in curing the issues such as toothache while at the same time also help in prevention against development of cavities.

Chemical And Nutrient Content in Tasmanian Pepper

This herb contains following compounds

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Calories 295
Fat 7g 10%
Carbs 50g 16%
Dietary Fibre 7g 28%
Protein 23g 46%
Vitamin C 83%
Iron 179%
Calcium 113%

Health Benefits of Tasmanian Pepper

  1. Is Known To Contain High Number of Anti-oxidants

    Yes, this herb is very commonly known to prevent development of free radicals in the body and hence prevents issues such as cancer from developing.

  2. Helps in Curing Toothache

    AS mentioned before this is one of the prime herbs which is used to treat issues such as toothache. High levels of eugenol make it a pain relieving herb. Greeks used to chew the leaves of this plant as it used to numb the mouth as well as at the same time helps in reducing the inflammation in the gums.

  3. Is known to Stimulate appetite

    This herb according to numerous studies acts as an appetite stimulant. The aroma as well as certain compounds present in this herb tends to make it one of the beneficial herbs for increasing appetite.

  4. Acts as an Digestive Aid

    This is again one of the important properties of this herb that it helps in secretion of bile in the liver. Not only does it improves the digestion in the body but is also useful in curing numerous issues such as diarrhoea and dyspepsia.

  5. Acts as an Sedative

    This herb is also known to possess certain sedative properties which make it a good thing to consume during the times of stress or anxiety.

  6. Helps Improve Heart Health

    This compound has been known to be effective in improving the overall heart health by preventing damage of cells and also stopping any accumulation of the blood vessels in the veins.

  7. Improves Female Health

    It is known to be a helpful cure for women who are suffering from issues such as supressed menstruation, while at the same time helps in maintaining the overall health of her reproductive system.

  8. Helps Improve Eye Health

    Being a rich source of Vitamin A as well as beta-carotene this herb has been known to improve the overall function of eyes as well.

  9. Helps in Muscle Growth

    The Russian variety of this herb has been known to be effective in increasing the muscle absorption of creatine. Carbohydrates are normally utilised for this purpose but now as this herb serves the same purpose therefore it is no longer required. This results in reduced weight but an increased level of muscle growth.

How to Use

  • The leaves of this plant are utilised for adding an extra essence to numerous poultry products.
  • The shredded roots of this herb are utilised for getting tarragon oil which is utilised for numerous purposes.
  • The stems tips are utilised for making Tarragon vinegar.


There aren’t any known disadvantages of this herb.

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