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How to Cure Bed Sores at Home Naturally?

How to Cure Bed Sores at Home Naturally?

Bed sores normally known as skin ulcers, pressure sores or decubitus are cuts, sores or swelling brought on because of prolonged pressure on any piece of body and as a rule influence parts of the body over hard zones.

Bed sores regularly happen among impaired, paralyzed, incapacitated or bedridden patients as they can’t change their position much of the time and constant weight on particular parts of body lead to bed sores. Bed sores can be dealt with successfully if discovered early, however, can turn into a life-threatening disease as it slices off blood supply to parts of the body.

Bedsores usually happen around the posterior, heels, lower back and the hip bone zone among bedridden people while spine, lower legs, knees, head, shoulders are additionally powerless to weight sores relying upon the altered position of the patient. Note that bedsores, if little and recognized early can be dealt with by customary dressings while substantial or profound bedsores need plastic surgery systems.


Homemade Remedies for Bed Sores

  1. Change Positions

    Homemade RemediesChanging the position of your body once in a while will decrease the anxiety and weight on the skin that can increase the existing sores. It likewise decreases the danger of growing new sores.

  2. Saline Water

    Homemade RemediesFor speedier recuperation, clean the sores with saline water. Bed sores that are not cleaned appropriately are more inclined to disease and aggravation. Saline water will decrease overabundance liquid furthermore dispose of free dead skin. Mix some salt in water and boil it. After that let it cool down a little and then clean these sores with this solution.

  3. Turmeric

    Homemade RemediesTurmeric quickens the recuperating procedure of bed sores. It likewise has mitigating, disinfectant and cancer prevention agent properties that offer your body some assistance with dealing with the side effects and battle contamination. Clean the influenced zone with sterile water or a saline arrangement. Sprinkle enough turmeric powder to cover the injury. Spread the zone with a perfect wrap. Rehash 3 times every day for speedy mending.

  4. Nectar

    Homemade RemediesNectar has regular germicide properties and can likewise mitigate the skin where there are gentle bed sores. It can give alleviation from torment, diminish tingling and advance recuperating. Nectar can likewise decrease the danger of disease. Prepare a thick blend of equivalent measures of nectar and sugar. Apply this blend to the influenced body territory and spread it with the cloth. Take after this treatment once every day.

  5. Aloe Vera

    Homemade RemediesAloe Vera can be utilized to control contamination in bed sores. Because of its mending and relieving properties, it can likewise advance recuperating. Additionally, it keeps the influenced skin saturated, which guarantees snappy recuperation. Cut open an aloe vera leaf and take out its gel. Apply this gel on the influenced range and rub tenderly for a couple of minutes. Allow it to dry all alone, and then wipe it off with a perfect soggy fabric.

  6. Coconut Oil

    Homemade RemediesBeing rich in medium-chain unsaturated fats, coconut oil will keep your skin sound and shield it from harm brought about by steady weight. Additionally, rubbing it onto your body will enhance blood course.

  7. Honey

    Homemade RemediesApply a thick mixture of honey and sugar in equal amounts to the affected area and cover it with a clean bandage for quick healing.

  8. Goldenseal

    Homemade RemediesSteep 1 teaspoon of goldenseal powder in 1 cup hot water and strain it. Let it cool down and use the tea to clean the wound. You can do this 2 times in a day and this will dry up the sores quickly.

  9. Comfrey

    Homemade RemediesComfrey is another herbal treatment to heal bed sores. First, take the equal amount of powdered comfrey leaves and slippery elm and mix it. Add a little water to the mixture to make a paste. Apply the paste on the sores and cover it with a bandage. Leave it overnight and clean the wounds with saline water. Repeat this daily for quick results.

  10. Vitamin C

    Homemade RemediesVitamin C is recommended to people suffering from bed sores as it is necessary for the skin and blood vessels. You can consume 1 teaspoon of amla powder with warm water in the morning. This will heal the skin quickly and will prevent the tissues from damage.

  11. Zinc

    Homemade RemediesZinc helps in healing the wounds and repairing the damaged tissues. It also helps in regular cell growth and regeneration. You can consume zinc-based products like oysters, wheat germ, spinach, mushrooms in your diet to get relive from the sores.

Other Preventions

It is much easier to prevent these bed sores as opposed to cure them. Some of the tips that you may follow include:

  • Working out: This might be a tremendous test for the individuals who are restricted to a bed or a wheelchair. Be that as it may, there are numerous activities that are arranged and created, remembering the particular needs and abilities of the patient.
  • Rehearsing Healthy Habits: There are a few habits, such as smoking, that influence the course of blood, oxygen, and supplements to the skin. Along these lines, keeping in mind the end goal to maintain a strategic distance from bed sores, it is best to stop such unfortunate propensities.
  • Protecting Bony Areas: To assist the mending process, it is critical to utilize some kind of padding on the hard region. Delicate bedding or a pneumatic bed can avert and mend bed sores speedier.


Diet for Bed Sore

  • Nourishment assumes a vital part of most wellbeing conditions and taking a solid eating routine can positively affect the patient’s general wellbeing and prosperity. Additionally, since extreme weight reduction and being too thin can prompt the growth of bed sores, it is essential for all patients to ensure that they eat nourishments that are very nutritious, with a sufficient caloric substance. It is best for patients to take after an eating regimen that is rich in crude vegetables and natural products.
  • Vitamin C and zinc are both essential for mending wounds and in this manner nourishment that is high in these supplements ought to be consumed in higher amounts. Oranges, lemons, limes, peppers and other citrus natural products are all high in Vitamin C and in this way their utilization ought to be expanded. Patients who are bedridden can likewise be given new orange (without sugar or additives) for enhancing general invulnerability.
  • Protein is likewise vital for building muscle and reinforcing the body. Accordingly, certain food that is high in protein, similar to eggs, chicken, turkey, low-fat dairy items and a couple of assortments of nuts ought to be given to individuals who are stationary.
  • A standout amongst the most critical diet or eating routine would be your hydration level. It is critical to expend a lot of water for the duration of the day as this keeps the skin hydrated and enhances its general wellbeing, along these lines decreasing the danger of bed sores.


Causes for Bed Sores

A bed sore is brought about by any delayed weight against your skin that meddles with and hinders the required supply of blood to specific ranges of the skin and its fundamental tissues. It is the prime factor that is identified with confined mobility that makes the skin more helpless and powerless to harm, along these lines adding to the development of pressure sores. The two principles reasons that prompt pressure sores are:

  • Maintained Pressure: on the off chance that a piece of your skin and the fundamental tissues get caught between your bones and the hard surface of maybe a bed frame or a wheelchair, the weight connected to the region is prone to be higher than the weight of blood that moves through the vessels. It is not just the dissemination of blood that gets influenced as a result of this; however, the measure of oxygen and supplements supplied to that zone would be decreased altogether. Because of depletion of oxygen and supplements, the cells of the skin and the tissues get harmed and might likewise die, prompting serious bedsore.
  • Shear: This happens when two surfaces are moving in inverse directions and are all the more ordinarily found in those patients, who use elevated hospital beds for a drawn-out stretch of time. In such a situation, the patient might slide down the bed and however the tailbone moves down, the skin that is above it, stays in place, in this manner prompting harmed veins and tissues.


Common Symptom of Bed Sores

In light of the seriousness of the condition, bed sores experience four distinct stages and the symptoms seen amid every stage change.

Stage I

  • The skin stays in place, even in the starting stages
  • If the skin is light in colour, the skin seems darker and does not lighten quickly (whiten) when it is touched
  • If the skin is dark in colour, no changes occur in the real skin shading, yet the presence of pale blue or purple spots can be seen.
  • Softness, Pain, delicacy, and change in temperature around the skin

Stage II

  • Ulcers or open injuries
  • Loss or harm in the basic layer of the dermis and in addition the epidermis
  • The appearance of pinkish, shallow and bowl like injuries
  • Blisters on the skin

Stage III

  • Development of profound injury at the site of the ulcer
  • Skin harm, with the presentation of fat
  • Pit-like ulcers showing up on the skin

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