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Treat First Aid Emergencies with Homeopathic Medication

Treat First aid emergencies with homeopathic medic

First aid is the assistance given to any person suffering a sudden illness or injury, with care provided to preserve life, prevent the condition from worsening, and promote recovery. It is generally the small medical intervention which is given to a person before professional medical help can arrive at the place or the person is admitted to a hospital. There are many things which fall under the first aid given to the patient. Medical procedures like CPR, applying plaster to a cut, nominal dressing of a wound, and covering up the bleeding sites can be done easily by any person who has the required materials at hand and has a little knowledge of what has happened to the person and what should he do in order to aid him.

Although homeopathy medicines may look like something which is not your cup of tea as it requires a lot of knowledge of Materia Medica, there are some medicines which you can put in your first aid box to cure injuries like cuts, burns, bruises and stings as well as common diseases like cough, cold, red eye, and diarrhoea. Homeopathic first aid is strongly recommended by doctors from all over the world also but if the effects of some conditions still persists then it advised that a professional doctor must be sought out.

Here are some homeopathy medicines to put in your homeopathic first aid.

  1. Arnica

    Arnica is considered the best homeopathic cure for injuries and shocks. It is also very helpful in sprains, strains, exhaustion, and jet lags. Arnica can be given in any first aid situation including the times when an operation or surgery is required. It is not recommended for broken skin as it can cause a rash.

  2. Aconite

    Aconite is used when the person is experiencing a panic attack. If the person is feeling a little nervous and uneasiness, then aconite is prescribed to him. Sudden diseases like coughs and colds after being exposed to cold dry windy conditions for a little time can be cured with this remedy.

  3. Apis

    It is one the primal homeopathic cure given for anaphylactic shock while on the way to the hospital. It is also very helpful for bee stings and insect bites. It reduces the symptoms like swelling, redness, and stinging pains.

  4. Argentum Nitricum

    This is given to people who have a fear or anxiety about certain things like flying, tests, speaking in public and ordeals of the same kind. Due to this nervousness, there is a little tension in the stomach, feeling of diarrhoea after eating sweet food, burping, and palpitations.

  5. Belladonna

    It works great as a follow up for Aconite. Used to treat fever accompanied with heat. The symptoms include red, hot skin, dilated pupils, headaches and mild sunstrokes. The symptoms get worse in exposure of light, noise, and jarring. There is some relief when the person does some exercise like bending backwards, sitting or standing erect.

  6. Calendula

    It is best used as an antiseptic and a healing aid. Used for infections and inflammations, it prevents formation of pus near the affected area. It can be used as a cream, brought straight from a pharmacy and can be applied on cuts and scrapes.

  7. Eupatorium Perforlatum

    This is like the all-in-one homeopathic cure everyone has to have in their first aid kits. It can cure a plethora of conditions like scanty sweat, weakness, nausea, back aches, pain in chest and limbs, flu, fever, dehydration, bone pain, bruises, headaches, vomiting, and restlessness also.

  8. Hypercium

    Hypercium is used for injuries which occur in the most sensitive part of the body like fingers, toes, and the tailbone. It has an additional usage as an antiseptic and can be used as a cream for cuts, burns, and grazes.

  9. Ignatia

    Given to treat stress, emotional and mental, conjured due to grief or loss. If the person is becoming a little moody and angry and frequently gets sick after experiencing a shock, then he should be ignatia and kept away from tobacco smoke.

  10. Mercurius

    If a person is having complaints for excessive saliva, pus, profuse sweating, bad breaths, sore throat and throat infections, ear pains, and thick yellow discharges then Mercurius can be given to the person to aid him and curing the conditions.

  11. Nux Vom

    Perfect for curing those hangovers after a night of drinking or illness which is caused after consuming food rich in oils and fats. If the person becomes irritable and the condition worsens when he is locked up inside a room as oppose to when he is out in the fresh air. It is even a good remedy to provide relief in piles also.

  12. Rhus Tox

    This is a medication for those people who experience a little pain when starting any activity. The pain lessens when that activity is continued but again comes back if another activity is started. It is for one of those conditions which gets better in cold environment and worsens in warm climate, leaving the person restless.

  13. Sulfur

    It is also a must have remedy in the first aid box. Useful for boils, small burns, inflammations and other small, not so serious skin conditions.

  14. Silica

    Silica is a remedy for splinters, abscesses, and boils. It helps the body in discharging any thorn or broken glass pieces stuck in the skin. It is advised not to use for patients who have artificial body organs like bionic hands, knees or even a pacemaker as it can cause rejection.

  15. Gelsenium

    Gelsenium is for the fever which generally lasts for two to three days only. The patient doesn’t feel the need for drinking, limbs get heavy, eyelids become droopy and the face turns a dusky red color.

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