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Top Homeopathic Remedies for Ear Pain and Infection

Top homeopathic remedies for ear pain and infectio

Causes of Ear Pain and Infection

  • Ear aches can be caused mainly as a resultant of ear infection which may be indicated by pus flowing out of the ear.
  • Glue ear is a liquid which is present inside the ears that has the power of causing hearing impairment for a temporary period of time.
  • Ear damage can be a reason for ear pain. Ear damage means the injury which is caused inside the ear due to usage of ear buds or cotton in the ears in an inappropriate manner.
  • Earwax is a wax like substance that forms inside the ears which may result in pain.
  • Ear problem can also be one of the indications of throat pain or sore throat.
  • A problem in the joint of the jaw bone will lead to pain in the ear. Arthritis and teeth grinding are some of the problems in the joint of the jaw bone area.
  • Ear infection can be caused when one of the Eustachian tubes in the ear gets swollen and liquid eradicates in the ear. These are tubes which run from each ear to back of the throat.
  • Cold and flu, allergies, sinus problem, smoking of tobacco, bacterial infections in the ear are some of the other common reasons for ear infection.

Symptoms of ear pain and infection

Few common symptoms of ear pain and infections which may occur either in one of the ears or both are:

  • Slight pain or uneasiness inside the ear.
  • A consistent pressure felt inside the ear.
  • Watery or pus like liquid secretion from the ear.
  • Hearing impairment in a varying range of scale.
  • Redness of the outer part of the year.
  • Bulging or swelling of the ear.
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Homeopathic medicines for ear pain and infection

Homeopathy is one of the ancient and most authentic may of curing any disease that causes sufferings to human beings. Homeopathic medicines for ear pain are many in numbers and they after results of using them are effective in nature. Homeopathic medicines for infection give a fast and most safe cure for ear infections and allergies.

Some of the homeopathy medicines that will help cure ear pain and infections are:

  1. Pulsatilla

    This remedy is effective for ear infection and ear pain that results in red swelling of ear. It also helps in healing various disorders related to ear such as severe ear pain which is unbearable, the hearing loss which is caused due to pain, secretion of greenish yellow fluid from ears, and a sudden feel that there is a stoppage of functioning of the ear and itching that is felt inside the ear.

  2. Ferrum Phosphoricum

    This medicine is best for the stages of inflammatory troubles and congestions. It helps in curing of swelling and ear pain and it’s relating problems. Ferrum Phosphoricum is quite sensitive to sound.

  3. Aconite

    The redness of the outer parts of the ear due to pain, stinging, severe aches, earaches caused due to change in climatic changes which accelerates at night times.

  4. Belladonna

    Ear pains that are too severe and violent that are intolerable can be curing using this medicine. Most of the ear pains are worst at night times and gets better in warm environment during the day time. Belladonna works better for curing such ear pains and related infections.

Kindly note that the homeopathic medicines work the best when the person is perfectly identified with the symptoms and not just be the name of the disease that the person may be suffering from. Before consuming the homeopathic medicines, kindly refer any guidance in order to know the quantum of dosage for the most effective and efficient usage.

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