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Health Benefits of Sassafras

Health Benefits of Sassafras

Although this word is a funny one, but one can’t ignore the health benefits that it is known to possess. This herb which has been in the human culture for more than 2000 years is primarily grown in the North American regions as well as certain parts of Asia. This herb grows in the form of tree which is a deciduous one with a height of approximately 100 feet. Nearly every part of this tree is used in one way or another and is known to contain some important nutrients which are found to be beneficial for the human health. Let’s study what advantages this herb offers.

Primary Use of this Herb

This herb is utilised mainly for numerous topical issues and is known as an active cure for boils as well as rashes. It has been known to possess anti-inflammation properties and hence is known as one of the important herbs to consume.

Chemical And Nutrient Content in Sassafras

This herb contains following compounds

  • Safrole
  • Sesamin
  • Tannins
  • Resin

Health Benefits of Sassafras

  1. Is known to improve the health of Skin

    This herb as mentioned before has numerous topical uses. This herb therefore is utilised for the purpose of improving the skin health and can cure numerous skin issues such as boils, rashes and other skin issues.

  2. Is known to possess anti-inflammatory properties

    This herb has proved to be very effective in treatment of issue such as gout and rheumatism. It is known to affect the body in numerous ways and has also been known to cure issues related to gastric disorders. It can cure symptoms of arthritis and have also proved to be effective in treatment of fever.

  3. Has Been Known to Increase Immunity

    This herb is known to contain certain anti-septic properties and is known to boost the effect of immune system. It tends to shield your body against any external or internal microbes which can cause numerous diseases. It is also responsible for maintaining the health of respiratory tract and can easily prevent issues such as cold.

  4. Is known to Boost Dental Health

    Twigs of this herb were utilised as a toothbrush during ancient times thanks to its awesome taste and pleasant flavour. This herb has been known to possess anti-septic properties. This way this herb is utilised as a disinfectant and can boost up your dental health.

  5. Helps in Prevention Against Cancer

    Although further research is required in this aspect however this herb is known to contain high volumes of anti-oxidants. It helps in removing free radicals from the body and hence prevents issues such as cancer from happening.

  6. Helps in Relieving Pain

    This herb is known to possess analgesic properties and therefore is known to treat numerous sorts of wound. It is also made into a paste an applied onto numerous areas where a person is experiencing issues such as aches and pain.

  7. Is Known to Boost Up the Levels of Energy

    This plant is known to possess a stimulant nature and hence can increase your levels of energy. Consuming leaves of this plant is known to make your internal engines working and removes any excess of fatigue.

  8. Is Known to Treat Menstrual Issues

    Sassafras tends to cure menstrual symptoms such as inflammation, bloating and heavy bleeding suffered by women. This herb is being utilised for more than thousand years for treating issues related to menstrual cycles of women.

  9. Helps in the process of Detoxification

    The leaves of this herb are known to possess diuretic properties and hence are known to be helpful in removing toxic substances from the kidney as well as from your body.

How to Use

  • The extract of this herb is utilised for treating issues such as wounds and cuts.
  • Leaves when chewed raw tend to eliminate issues such as foul smell and hence improve oral health.
  • The root of this herb can be utilised for its aroma and hence adds a distinct flavour to numerous foods.


Although this herb is safe to be consumed in the raw form, the essential oil extracted from this herb if consumed in excess can result in violent reactions such as vomitting as well as nausea.

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