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Health Benefits of Jasmine

Health Benefits of Jasmine

Hearing of the word jasmine you might be thinking of the white pleasant smelling flower. Well, your imagination is correct; we are talking about the same jasmine plant. Jasmine plant is a common herb which belongs to the olive family of plants. This herb is known to have around 200 sub species and can only be found in warm area of Asia and Africa. This plant is generally evergreen and contains white flowers around 2.5cm long. This plant is also known to contain black coloured fruits and is known to be pretty in appearance. Some of the health benefits possessed by this herb are mentioned under.

Primary Use of this Herb

Due to its pleasant aroma this plant is known to be utilised for the purpose of relieving stress as well as anxiety.

Chemical And Nutrient Content in Jasmine

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Health Benefits of Jasmine

  1. Is known to have anti-depressant properties

    This herb is known to have a sweet aroma and therefore is utilised for calming down of nerves and releasing any stress. It helps in generating energy as well as helps in the process of uplifting the mood.

  2. Is known to have anti-septic properties

    This herb has been known to act as one of the best anti-septic on the planet. It is known to contain compounds such as Benz aldehyde and benzoic acid which have been seen to have germicidal effects. It helps in speedier recuperation of wound and also prevention against any infections.

  3. Is known to help maintain skin health

    Are you bothered by marks left by boils and acne on your skin? Well, the essential oil derived from this herb has been known to be effective in reducing any such signs and can help make your skin look young and energetic.

  4. Helps in inducing sleep

    For those suffering from insomnia this herb can do wonders with respect to inducing a sound and peaceful sleep. It acts as a sedative and can help cure any issues occurring within your body.

  5. Helps in curing symptoms related to menopause

    This herb has served very effective in treating issues related to untimely and painful menopause. It reduces the overall stress and pain associated with periods and can at the same time cure effects such as dizziness and nausea.

  6. Helps during child birth

    The essential oil derived from this herb has been known to be effective in treatment of labour pains and can even prevent cramps occurring before child birth.

  7. Is known to stimulate production of milk

    This herb has been known to increase milk production within lactating mothers and is also known to help prevent issues such as breast cancers from occurring.

How to Use

  • The essential oil derived from this herb is known to be used for numerous therapeutic purposes.
  • Flowers is utilised for releasing stress and anxiety.


No known side effect of this herb.

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