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Health Benefits of Peng

Health Benefits of Peng

Peng also known as the Black oil plant is native to India and can normally be found to grow at a height of 1800 metres. This herb has been a part of the Ayruvedic system of medication for quite a while and is being increasingly utilised for the purpose of treating numerous health issues. This is a deciduous plant which is known to grow up to a height of 6m and is known with the scientific name of ‘celastrus panicultas’. Usually the oil extracted from this herb is utilised for numerous medicinal purposes. Some of the health benefits that it possesses are mentioned under.

Primary Use of this Herb

This herb is commonly utilised in order to improve brain function while at the same time to maintain digestive health.

Chemical And Nutrient Content in Peng

This herb contains following compounds

  • Celastrine
  • Pristemarin
  • Celastrol
  • Celapagin
  • Zeylasterone
  • Zeylasteral
  • Beta-Sitosterol

Health Benefits of Peng

  1. Is known to improve cognitive function

    This herb is known to be improves the overall brain function by stimulating an increased production of neurons as well as brain cells. This helps in prevention against issue such as Parkinson’s and Alzeihmer’s.

  2. Is known to boost digestive Health

    Certain compounds in this herb have been known to have anti-microbial properties and hence tend to kill any microbes present in the intestine and therefore prevent issues such as ulcers and food poisoning from happening.

  3. Is known to have Anti-Inflammatory Qualities

    This herb is known to contain certain anti-inflammatory properties and hence is known to be responsible for curing issues such as skin inflammation caused due to insect bites or any other infection. This herb is known to have a mild sedative effect and therefore is known to induce sleep and relieve anxiety.

  4. Acts as a stress reliever

    The oil derived from this herb is known to be helpful in treating numerous issues of anxiety and stress. It is known act as a mild sedative and therefore is a good agent to cure issues such as insomnia.

How to Use

  • The oil extracted from this herb can be utilised topically or can be consumed internally but under the supervision of dietician.
  • The fruits of this herb can also be consumed raw.


There is another variety of this herb which is known to be toxic in nature and therefore consume this only under the guidance of an expert.

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