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Best Homeopathic Remedies for Vaginal Candidiasis

Best homeopathic remedies for vaginal candidiasis

Vaginal flora when healthy helps prevent infections. But sometimes, the healthy vaginal flora is overpowered by other micro-organisms. One such infection cause by Candida albicans which is a type of yeast is termed as ‘Candidiasis’. Now, for all those who don’t know, Candida is usually present in the vaginal micro-flora but Lactobacilli keep it in check avoiding any kind of infection. Candiasis is not a sexually transmitted disease and has many treatments.

Symptoms of candidiasis:

1. Irritation and itching in the vagina.
2. Soreness, pain and burning sensation in the vagina.
3. White and thick vaginal discharge which is coarse in texture.
4. Inflammation and redness of the vagina.

Causes of candidiasis:

1. Hormonal imbalances.
2. Compromised immune system.
3. In some cases, diabetes.
4. Overuse of antibiotics.

Now, you would wonder why one should choose homeopathy for vaginal candidiasis over conventional allopathic treatment. The reason is very simple. With conventional allopathic treatment of candidiasis, the infection may reoccur with increase in growth of Candida albicans. But with homeopathy treatment and homeopathy medicines, candidiasis is completely cured as it stops the growth of the yeast completely and the underlying symptoms and causes vanish gradually and fully. The immune system is strengthened There is a very small chance of recurrence of candidiasis with homeopathy treatment.

So, let us have a look at what are the homeopathic medicines for Candidiasis.

  1. Helonias

    All the symptoms of candidiasis like white, creamy coarse discharge can be treated with this homeopathic remedy. Weakness, giddiness and tiredness can be helped reduce with the help of remedy.

  2. Pulsatilla

    Young women and girls have very delicate and thin vaginal mucosal membranes. Hence, they tend to resist treatments that work against fungal growth causing infection. Pulsatilla works particularly well in these cases. Absence of thirst, backaches and mood swings and sensitivities can be treated with this homeopathy remedy.

  3. Candida albicans

    This is a very famous homeopathy medicine used for complete treatment of candidiasis.

  4. Sepia and Calcarea carb

    A woman suffering from recurring vaginal candidiasis can be treated with Sepia. Sepia is very useful in treatment of underlying causes like irritability and some skin disorders.

  5. Thuja

    Thuja is primarily used in treatment of warts in genitalia, abdomen swelling and weight gain around that area, excessive water retention and vaginal discharge. It is an excellent homeopathy medicine for vaginal candidiasis. Ulcers and excessive soreness can be controlled with this.

  6. Natrum muriaticum

    This homeopathy remedy works well for skin and respiratory tract infections and inflammations. Diseases like herpes can also be cured with the help of Natrum Mur.

  7. Staphysagria

    The underlying problem here, in this case is considered to be anger and frustration suppression. All these repressed emotions burst out suddenly, mainly during sexual intercourse that leads to excessive yeast growth. Staphysagria works wonders in such cases.

  8. Lycopodium

    Lycopodium is famous for treating gastro-intestinal problems like indigestion, bloating, gastritis, constipation and haemorrhoids. It works like probiotics.

  9. Graphites

    Graphite is usually used for the treatment of skin disorders with oozing liquids and its eruptions. It also treats irregular and scanty periods. Obesity can be controlled with graphites.

  10. Nitric acid

    Yellow discharge is one of the symptoms of vaginal candidiasis. Nitric acid treats that.

  • Prevention is better than cure:

Avoid overuse of tampons. Change tampons and sanitary pads at regular intervals. Avoid sweets and a lot of bakery products which are stored in unhygienic conditions as they make excellent carriers of yeasts. Consume food with lots of healthy micro-organisms. Yoghurt and curds are excellent probiotics. Lactobacilli rich foods help to keep these vaginal infections away.

This is how vaginal candidiasis be treated with homeopathy! It will take a little longer than allopathic treatment but the results will only bring satisfaction!

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