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Health Benefits of Wild Thyme

Health Benefits of Wild Thyme

Wild thyme is one of the common herbs which you can easily find in drier parts of Europe as well as Asia. This is one of the perennial herbs which belong to the mint family. This plant is known to grown up to a height of one foot and contains slightly larger leaf of about 12 inches. One of the powerful antiseptic thyme is an active ingredient in number of toothpastes as well as mouth washes. Wild thyme is known to contain a vast 400 more sub species and in ancient times was used by the Geeks as incense. Due to its distinctive taste this herb is actively used in number of soups, stews etc. and is at a greater pace being utilised for its numerous medical advantages. Let’s see what benefits to your health it offers.

Primary Use of this Herb

Thyme over the years is known for its antibacterial properties and is extensively used to maintain the health of skin. This is used as one of the most effective cures in treating acne as well as wrinkles on skin.

Chemical And Nutrient Content in Thyme

This herb contains following compounds

Calories 101
Fat 2%
Carbs 8%
Dietary Fibre 56%
Protein 12%
Vitamin A 95%
Vitamin C 266%
Calcium 40%
Iron 97%

Health Benefits of Thyme

  1. Helps in Lowering the Blood Pressure

    The extract derived from thyme is known to significantly reduce the heart rate and hence can be utilised to bring the levels of blood pressure under control. It possesses high amounts of dietary fibres which lower the levels of cholesterol and can prevent number of heart ailments from occurring.

  2. Can be used as a remedy for Cough

    The thyme oil which is derived from the leaves of this herb is known to be effective in treating oral issues such as cough. In one research it was found that this herb can significantly reduce the effect of symptoms as well as cure bronchitis.

  3. Helps in Increasing your Immunity

    Getting a food which satisfies all the nutrient requirement of the body is a tough thing to do. To your advantage, this herb is filled in with Vitamin C and is a good source of Vitamin A as well. It is a good source of fibre as well as iron and manganese. All these make your immune system stronger and prevent you against a number of diseases.

  4. Acts as a Disinfectant

    Mould is a dangerous air pollutant which may bring in a lot of health issues. However, thyme oil can serve as an effective prevention measure against low mold concentrations. Thyme oil is known to contain fungicidal properties and hence can be used as a disinfectant in such situations.

  5. Helps in Boosting Up Your Mood

    Thyme oil is known for its aromatic properties and is used for therapeutic purposes. It contains high amounts of carvacol which affects the nervous system and induces a happy feeling in people.

  6. Skin Protection

    Thyme oil is being extensively used all around the world for its anti-fungal properties. IN a research it was found that thyme oil tends to provide better result in fighting against acne if compared to other products available in the market. It tends to make your skin looking younger while at the same time provides you with healthy skin.

  7. Possess Pleasant Smell

    Thyme has been known to possess a good smell and due to its anti-septic properties, it is a common ingredient in numerous toothpastes as well as mouth freshener.

How to Use

  • Thyme oil which is extracted from the leaves is used in numerous situations such as treating skin issues.
  • The leaves can also be made into a paste an applied over cuts and wounds.
  • Concoction prepared from this herb is increasingly used to treat hangovers as well as problems of nightmares.
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