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Health Benefits of Sweet Cicely

Health Benefits of Sweet Cicely

Sweet cicely is an a herb which can be found in the mountain regions of Asian Russia as well as in Europe. This is a robust herb which grows up to a height of around 3 feet. It is one of the prime herbs that you can spot during the time of spring and the pretty appearance of this plant can make it almost unavoidable to look at. This plant can resist cold temperatures and you would find it blooming as soon as the winter ends and this would grow till the time spring arrives. This herb is used in form of spices and is an active ingredient in many food items. It is known to have soft leaves which are in some way similar to fern. Let’s dive in a little deeper and see what all advantages this plant offers.

Primary Use of this Herb

This herb is known to be an excellent source of nutrition. Numerous parts of these plants are known to allow for smooth digestion while at the same time tends to helps in prevention of issues such as constipations.

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Chemical and Nutrient Content in Sweet Cicily

No Info Available

Health Benefits of Cicily

  1. Helps in Maintaining Digestive Health

    Sweet Cicely has been known to contain numerous nutrients which are good for improving the overall health of digestive system. They are known to be helpful in increasing the appetite of people while at the same time prevent accumulation of gas in the stomach.

  2. Acts as a Tonic

    This herb has been known to contain compounds which act as a tonic and hence prevent issues such as anaemia in people. The roots as well as leaves of this plant are mainly utilised for this purpose.

  3. Helps in Detoxification as well as Healing

    This herb since long has been used in purification of blood. It is also known to speed up the process of recuperation of wound and therefore the ointment prepared from this is widely available. It is also known to be effective in treating snake bites.

  4. Known to have Diuretic as well as anti-spasmodic effect

    This herb is known to be a weak diuretic and hence is utilised for the purpose of detoxification. Also, it is known to have soothing effects and hence tends to relax the neural system of the body.

  5. Treatment Against Asthma and Cough

    This herb is an effective cure against numerous sorts of respiratory issues and is smoked in a same way as tobacco to release phlegm which would help in curing these issues.

  6. Used as a treatment Against Gout

    The crushed leaves of this herb are known to be helpful in treating pain which is associated with rheumatism as well as gout. Also, the tea prepared from this herb induces sleep.

How to Use

  • The roots as well as the leaves of this plant are utilised primarily for the purpose of spice.
  • The roots of this plant are also dug up and utilised for preparing decoction.
  • The fruits of this plant when dried and crushed give a sweet aroma which is used in many food items.


Till date no harmful effects of this herb has been known.

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