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Health Benefits of Sloe Berries

Health Benefits of Sloe Berries

Sloe berries in scientific terms is called as prunus spinosa. This herb which is native to the countries such as Asia and Europe is one of the close relatives of wild plum. This tree is also called as the tree of ‘ill omen’ and is considered to possess magical properties in Britain. This deciduous shrub is known to grow up to a height of 3 m and usually contain a dark bark and skin. The flower as well as the fruit of this plant is known to possess number of medicinal advantages and they are also used for commercial production of ink. The fruit is also known to be used in production of alcohol called as gin. Let’s dive in a little deeper and see what health advantages this plant offers.

Primary Use of this Herb

Talking about the sloe berries, it used in production of gin an after dinner liquor. However, as far as its medicinal benefits are concerned it is utilised as a blood cleanser and helps in the process of detoxification.

Chemical And Nutrient Content in Sloe Berries

This herb contains following compounds

  • Flavonoids
  • Tannins
  • Glycoside
  • Prunasin
  • Benz aldehyde
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Health Benefits of Sloe Berries

  1. Helps in Detoxification of Body

    This herb is utilised for the purpose of detoxification and is known to have depurative properties. This herb tends to remove any toxic substances present in the blood and is known to be rich in rutin which is one of the prime compounds which helps in detoxification. It is also known to prevent issues such as gout and rheumatism from occurring.

  2. Helps in Improvement of Digestion

    This herb has been known to be beneficial in smooth digestion of the food and helps in prevention of numerous digestive issues such as constipation and diarrhoea. Herbal tea prepared from the leaves of this herb is known to be beneficial in stimulating appetite.

  3. Helps in Curing Numerous Bladder as well as Kidney Issues

    The flower of this herb has been known to help in the process of retention of fluid while at the same time tends to be beneficial in treating issues such as kidney stones. It also helps in prevention against numerous stomach cramps while at the same time relieves issues such as nerve pain.

  4. Is known to possess anti-inflammatory properties

    This herb has been known to be helpful in treating issues such as sore throat and hence reducing any inflammation caused in the pharynx due to same. Gargling with the decoction prepared from the leaves of this herb has proved to be beneficial in dealing with inflammation of tonsils.

  5. Helps in Treating Numerous Breathing Issues

    Decoctions prepared from the flowers of this herb have been proved to be beneficial in treating issues related to respiration. Due to the expectorant property of this herb it can relieve issue such as congestion and can clear out phlegm.

  6. Helps Bring Out Glow on Skin

    The pulp obtained from the berries is known to be utilised as a face mask and can hence be used in improving the glow as well as beauty on your face. Also, this herb can be used for increasing the flexibility of skin as it contains vital vitamins such as Vitamin C and tannins.

  7. Helps in Curing Issues such as Fatigue and Exhaustion

    Consuming water which has sloe berry powder mixed into it is known to have a calming effect on nerves. It tends to remove issues such as fatigue and can be utilised for increasing the vitality as well as strength in the body.

How to Use

  • Leaves of this plant are dried and can be used to prepare tea which is known to be beneficial for health.
  • Pulp of these berries can be utilised as a face mask.
  • These berries are dried to make Gin.
  • The decoction prepared from flowers can cure numerous digestive issues.


The leaves as well as flowers of this herb are known to contain Hydrogen Cyanide which is known to be harmful in large quantities. Therefore consume this herb in a controlled amount if not planning to experience any poisonous effect.

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