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Health Benefits of Silphium

Health Benefits of Silphium

Silphium is a very ancient herb which is also called with names such as Laser wort and or laser. This herb since a long time is being utilised as a seasoning and as a medicine. This herb was primarily cultivated in the region North Africa and is now considered to be almost extinct. Some people believed that this herb is a gift from God Apollo and some Russians believed it to be equal to silver. The reason for its extinction is not yet known however this plant was believed to possess health benefits mentioned under.

Primary Use of this Herb

This herb was always considered to be a contraceptive and hence was utilised for the purpose of birth control.

Chemical And Nutrient Content in Silphium

No info available

Health Benefits of Silphium

  1. Helps Improve Immunity

    This herb was known to be an effective cure as well as prevention for issues such as cough, cold, gout or any such issues. It was widely known as the magic herb and was referred by Hippocrates as the magic herb.

  2. Acts as a contraceptive

    This herb was known to be helpful in regulating menstrual discharge among women and hence was utilised for the purpose of prevention as well as control of birth.

How to Use

  • Not much information regarding this is present however it was utilised as a part of Greek cooking who used it as a garnishing and the dried form of leaves was used as a spice.


No known disadvantages of this herb is known.

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