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Health Benefits of Para Cress

Health Benefits of Para Cress

Para cress is a common herb that is known to belong to Brazil. Known as the toothache plant this herb is primarily utilised for the purpose of relieving dental stress. Although this plant belongs to the country of Brazil it is known to be found all through East Africa and India. Local people tend to call this herb jambu and it is scientifically known as spilanthes acmella. This perennial herb is known to grow in a bit of watery regions however is known not to withstand frost. There are numerous benefits of this herb with some of the prime ones being mentioned below.

Primary Use of this Herb

This herb is also called as the ‘toothache herb’ and hence the primary utilisation of this herb is to relieve any sort of oral pain.

Chemical And Nutrient Content in Para Cress

This herb contains following compounds

  • Amides
  • Sterols
  • Flavonoids
  • Lactones
  • Spilanthol

Health Benefits of Para Cress

  1. Is known to help with oral health

    Since ancient times the extract of this herb or the leaves of this herb have been utilised for the purpose of improving the oral health. It tends to reduce any inflammation caused in the mouth and even reduces the pain caused due to cavity.

  2. Known to possess anti-inflammatory properties

    This herb has been known to possess anti-inflammatory properties and hence is one of the effective cures against issues such as rheumatism and gout.

  3. Is known to provide soothing effect

    Paste of either the plant or the herb when applied topically on the skin, tends to reduce inflammation caused in the nerves as well as muscle. It has been known to provide a soothing effect both on nerves as well as muscles.

  4. Has anti-aging effects

    Due to the soothing effects as well as anti-inflammatory properties this herb has been known to be effective in treating as well as preventing aging. It tends to remove wrinkles across the skin while at the same time reduces any age lines.

  5. Prevention against Mosquitoes and other Parasites

    Applying the extract of this herb over the skin would kill mosquitoes and other parasites if they try to bite you. This is because of compounds called as spilanthol which is known to have toxic nature.

How to Use

  • Toothache plant’s leaves are increasingly utilised in numerous salads so as to enhance their taste.
  • Consuming either the plant or leaves raw causes a soothing effect in mouth and also does tend to relieve issues such as toothache and gum swelling.
  • Extract from this herb is used as a flavouring agent.


No known side effect of this herb.

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