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Health Benefits of Parsley

Health Benefits of Parsley

Parsley is a common herb that has been known to be found in the Mediterranean regions. This herb has been the part of the human culture for more than 2000 years and was increasingly utilised for the purpose of numerous health benefits by the Greeks. The Romans additionally utilized Parsley in numerous ways. Initially, it was utilized just as a restorative plant, yet later on, it was devoured as sustenance. There are numerous myths and tales connected with the source and development of this plant in numerous Mediterranean and European societies. The Greeks trusted that parsley had sprung up from the blood of the fallen Greek saint Archemorus. Subsequently, Greeks began to take parsley as a symbol of death and demolition, however in the Middle Ages, parsley was incorporated into old stories pharmaceuticals and it gradually picked up prominence.

Primary Use of this Herb

This herb was initially utilised as a cure for Diabetes and it was also proved scientifically that consuming this herb can actually decrease the insulin levels in blood significantly.

Chemical And Nutrient Content in this Parsley

This herb is known to contain following compounds

Calories 36
Fat 0.8 1%
Sodium 56mg 2%
Carbs 6g 2%
Dietary Fibre 3.3g 13%
Protein 3g 6%
Vitamin A 168%
Vitamin C 221%
Calcium 13%
Iron 34%
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Health Benefits of Parsley

  1. Is known to possess anti-Diabetic Properties

    Traditionally, parsley was utilized as a medication for diabetes in Turkey. A research conducted in Istanbul on diabetic rats that were given parsley really demonstrated a lessening in their glucose levels over a a month. The exploration demonstrates that parsley can be utilized for diabetic control.

  2. Is known to Control Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Parsley has likewise been especially powerful against rheumatoid joint inflammation. Numerous nutrients such as vitamin C and beta-carotene found in parsley have mitigating properties that help in controlling joint pain. Consuming parsley frequently is likewise accepted to accelerate the procedure of uric acid evacuation, which has been known to be one of the prime causes of joint pain.

  3. Is known to contain anti-Carcinogenic Properties

    Scientists have extracted a compound named myristicin, which is a phenylpropane compound, from parsley oil. Examinations concerning the myristicin compound had uncovered that it has anti-cancer-causing properties. Myristicin extract from parsley was just tried on rats and human use of this compound still stays to be seen.

  4. Is known to contain anti-inflammatory properties

    Parsley has generally been utilized as a part of the Mediterranean area for toothaches, wounds and harsh skin. A research conducted across numerous universities reveals that parsley shows mitigating anti-hepatotoxicity properties. The mitigating properties of this herb have been known to reduce any internal inflammations while the anti-hepatotoxic properties scrub the liver.

  5. Is known to be an effective cure for osteoporosis

    Parsley is one of the best known solutions for osteoporosis and is useful in keeping up bone wellbeing. Osteoporosis happens because of drained levels of calcium in the bones furthermore because of an amino acid called homocysteine. This amino acid can be removed from the body by the consumption of folic acid. Due to this property, aside from dairy items and vegetables, parsley is viewed as one of the best wellsprings of calcium. It additionally contains a suitable measure of folic acids, which may separate homocysteine.

  6. Is known to possess diuretic impacts

    For some hundreds of years now, parsley has been utilized as a diuretic that aides in controlling different ailments, for example, kidney stones, urinary tract contaminations, and gallbladder stones. Edema is a disease where a patient holds liquid in the body more than what he or she should hold under ordinary circumstances. The body swells due to liquid gathering. In the event that you are suffering by this condition, a couple teaspoons of parsley juice can give some an instant alleviation.

  7. Has been known to strengthen the immune system

    The vitamins, minerals, and cancer prevention agents found in parsley are useful for fortifying the immune system. Vitamins, for example, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, folate, and niacin maintain a healthy immune system. Vitamin A is known to act directly on lymphocytes or white platelets, along these lines expanding their impact. The chlorophyll contained in parsley has anti-bacterial and against contagious properties too.

How to Use

  • The leaves of parsley are either utilised in the form of garnishing in numerous dishes or as an ingredient in salad.
  • Parsley juice is also consumed by people suffering from numerous ailments.


Parsley consumed during pregnancy might result in uterine contractions and hence must be avoided. High amounts of oxalate present in this herb is known to cause issues such as kidney stones.

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