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Benefits of Costmary

Benefits of Costmary

Costmary is a useful perennial herb growing up to a height of three feet. Its leaves are broad, greenish-grey in colour, egg shaped with saw like boarders. They belong to the genus Chrysanthemum. The other names of costmary include Tanacetum balsamita, Pyrethrum balsamita, Bible-leaf, Sweet tongue and Sweet Mary. They natively belong to India.

Costmary have a special place in Christianity and their leaves are put in the Bible to provide a sweet aroma.

Primary use of costmary

Costmary has been traditionally used as a potherb which means the parts of this herb are used as food or seasoning.

Health benefits of costmary

  1. Used as ointments

    The leaves of costmary when combined with other herbs can be used to treat sores and itching.

  2. Used in treating women diseases

    Since ancient times, this leaf is used in treating women diseases. It also brings delayed menstruation.

  3. Provides relief from pains and stings

    Crushed leaves of costmary are known to provide relief from the pain of bee stings and minor wounds and burns.

  4. Clears nasal passage

    Costmary inhalation helps to clear the nasal passages, thus is a useful remedy for catarrh.

How to Use:

  • The leaves of costmary can be infused in teas.
  • The leaves are also mixed with sugar as a conserve.
  • When with other herbs, they act as ointments and are used to treat sores and itching.


Should be avoided by pregnant women.

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