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Health Benefits of Truffle

Health Benefits of Truffle

Truffles are a type of fruit that are formed by fungi. These are in some aspects similar to mushrooms while they are different in many other aspects. They are utilised primarily for the purpose of adding in some taste, however they possess far more advantages than this. They are one expensive vegetable and unlike mushroom they do not have a stem. These are found and extracted from beneath the ground and are extensively consumed in areas such as Europe, Italy and Croatia. These are known to be a great addition in numerous diets and are used for adding an extra flavour or garnishing certain dishes. There are numerous varieties of truffle found over the globe these include Chinese truffle, Italian truffle and certain other types. In case you are a person who loves mushroom then you are going to love these to. Some of the health benefits that it possesses are mentioned below.

Nutritional Value of Truffle (100g)

Calories 284
Total Fat 0.7g 1%
Total Carbohydrate 73g 24%
Dietary Fiber 70g 280%
Protein 9g 18%
Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 12%
Calcium 15%
Iron 32%
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Health Benefits of Truffle

  1. Are known to be a great source of protein

    Truffles have been known to be incredibly rich in high amounts of protein. You can expect about 30g of protein in a single serving of this vegetable. They are also known to contain amino acids which are one of the prime components utilised for various metabolic processes. For people who try and follow the western diet and are against consumption of carbs as well as fat, truffle is an excellent alternative to try.

  2. Has Good Concentration of Carbs

    Carbs are found in abundance in these vegetables. It is known to contain some complex carbs formed out of the fungus cellulose which is found in the cell wall. However, if we compare this vegetable with other ones then these are known to have lower levels of carbs then them. AS they are also low in sugar, it can be one of the component in diet of people suffering from diabetes.

  3. Are Very much low in fat

    These are one of the perfect alternatives for people who are against consumption of too much fat. Once dried truffle is known to contain only 5 per cent of fat left in it which mostly an lipid compounds.

  4. They do not contain cholesterol

    This is one of the major advantages of this vegetable. They are known to contain negligible levels of cholesterol and hence can help in maintaining healthy heart rate. If you are one of the person who suffers from heart stroke or attack then consuming or including this vegetable in your diet is an excellent choice.

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