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Get Lustre for your Dry and Fizzy Hairs with Homeopathy

Get lustre for your dry and fizzy hairs with homeopathy

Everyone dreams of having hair that looks with a stunning glow and silky texture. Often due to various common reasons such as pollution, climatic condition or the nature of the water, our hair is not the way we want it to be.

One of the major problems with hair is the dryness which ruins the look of the hair. Dryness can be due to numerous reasons and based on the reason respective medication can be taken in order to regain the glow of the hair. Dry hair can look moisture-less and dull which may not be appealing. The dryness can be found in the scalp area or the tops of the hair which may also lead to dandruff and other hair related issues.

In certain cases, it might be difficult to find out the reason for dry hair. Homeopathy acts as an effective and efficient fighter against dry hair. Homeopathic treatment for hair is one of the best and safe way to cure hair dryness, the resultant of which is harmless and without any side effects.

Reasons for dry hair

The major reason which is spotted behind dry hair is the high on scale usage of harmful hair products such as shampoo, conditioner and hair sprays. Other predominant reasons which may lead to dry hair is the overexposure of hair in the sun, the lack or imbalance of nutrition in the diet or it may also be due to certain health problems and diseases.

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Homeopathic treatment for dry and frizzy hair

Homeopathy for hair is one of the best remedy to cure the dryness in the hair. It is a natural way of curingdry hair, which doesn’t have any damaging or dangerous after effects. Homeopathic cure is mostly done by consuming the medicines by mouth and doesn’t involve external application of the medicines. In addition to curing the dry hair, homeopathic treatment also aids in healing other dryness related issues such as hair fall and dandruff.

There are various kinds of homeopathic medicines for curing dry hair which is to be determined based on the symptoms and nature of the human. Some of the best homeopathic medicines are:

  1. Lycopodium

    People who are fond of food and drink that are loaded with sweet and hot will be suitable to take Lycopodium as a homeopathic cure for dry and fizzy hair. Lycopodiumis one of the best homeopathic medicine which has the tendency of curing the dryness in the scalp by rejuvenating the oil strands in the roots of the hair thus stimulating the moisture and giving a glow to the dead hair.

  2. Natural Mur

    Natural Mur can be found as a homeopathic remedy for getting rid of fizzy hair and get back the life to your hair. Natural Mur will be a suitable Homeopathic Treatment for people who are likely to avoid the sun heat and prefer an extra pinch of salt in their diet. People who are anaemic in nature tend to sue Natural Mur for curing dryness in the hair in a natural and safe manner.

  3. Sulphur and Psorinum

    The major factor which is considered while choosing this homeopathic medicine is that the scalp is required to be absolutely unwholesome with dryness and moisture-less along with the sense of itching. These symptoms may also lead to formation of tangles in the hair.

    Sulphur works the best for people who do not have the resistance to tolerate heat. People whose body condition doesn’t accommodate heat can use Sulphur as a Homeopathic medicine for getting lustre in the hair whereas people who do not have a body condition to tolerate cold can use Psorinum for getting back a glow in the hair.

  4. Phosphorus

    Phosphorus is mainly used as an effective homeopathy for hair that is intensely dry at the scalp area. Phosphorus is used as an ultimate remedy for three purposes at a time – it gives moisture to the hair, removes the dryness in the scalp and prevents and reduces hair fall due to dryness.

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