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Health Benefits of Thunder God Vine

Health Benefits of Thunder God Vine

Thunder God Vine is a vine whose name gives an impression of strength as well as power. This vine which has been an important part of the Chinese medication does grow only in regions of Korea, China as well as Japan. Mainly the extract of this medication is used or sometimes this herb is utilised in the powdered form. Used for more than 400 years this herb has been used to cure numerous sorts of health issues such as PMS, rheumatoid etc. Each of these health advantages of this vine has been discussed under.

Primary Use of this Herb

This vine has been extensively used in curing numerous symptoms related to PMS. It is also known to contain be an active compound in improving the overall immunity.

Chemical And Nutrient Content in Thunder God Vine

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Health Benefits of Thunder God Vine

  1. Helps in Improving Overall Immunity

    This is one of the most important characteristic of this herb. It doesn’t make immune system stronger rather is known to be a means of prevention against disease such as arthritis and lupus.

  2. Helps in Maintaining the Levels of Hormone

    This herb has been known to control the production of certain hormones within the body and thereby it tends to regulate the effects or the intensity of menstrual cycles. It is also a cure for treatment of issues such as hormonal imbalance.

  3. Is known to be effective in prevention against cancer

    This is again one of the widely known benefits of thunder god vine. This vine has been known to be preventive against numerous sorts of cancer. Compounds such as triptolide as well as celastrol are known to have anti-cancer effect and are known to be very effective against ovarian as well as colorectal cancer.

  4. Are known to possess anti-inflammatory properties

    Inflammation is a side effect that can be caused due to numerous diseases. The anti-inflammatory properties of thunder god vine have been known to be effective in prevention against issues such as arthritis, gout as well as numerous other respiratory issues.

  5. Effective Against Cohn’s disease

    The inflammation which is caused in the stomach lining due to Cohn’s disease has been known to cause some serious health issues. It is used to soothe the internal lining of the stomach while at the same time healing it so as to reduce the overall impact of the same.

  6. Can be used as a contraceptive

    Thunder god vine is a type of herb which can be used to cause male infertility and hence is being studied for developing oral contraceptives which would be used by men.

  7. Helps in Weight Reduction

    In case you are suffering from issues such as obesity then adding this vine to your health regime can be a very wise choice. This is herb is known to contain compound called as the celastrol which has been connected with having anti-obesity effects.

How to Use

  • Usually the root of this herb is skinned and then used in the powdered form.
  • Leaves of this herb are used to extract oil which has been known to be beneficial in treating numerous health issues.


Consume this herb only after suitable advice by any medical practitioner. Certain parts of this herb are poisonous hence you should consume the one which has been obtained from a trusted source. This herb has been known to cause side effects such as loss of hair, headache etc.

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