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Health Benefits of Rue

Health Benefits of Rue

Rue is an evergreen herb which can commonly be found in the areas of Europe as well as United States. This herb is known to contain small yellow flowers and has a fragrance which can cure plague as well as other dangerous diseases. This herb with scientific name of ‘Ruta Graveolen’ is used to make numerous medicines and it is the poisonous quality of this herb that makes it extremely useful. It should be utilised with utmost care and shouldn’t be used directly in sensitive parts such as eyes and skin. It is known to contain numerous health benefits some of them are mentioned below.

Primary Use of this Herb

This herb has been used to cure issues related to menstruation and is one of the common herbs to be utilised for treatment of issues such as cramps and excessive bleeding.

Chemical and Nutrient Content in Rue

  • Volatile Oil
  • Flavonoids
  • Furanocoumarins
  • Furoquinoline Alkaloid
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Health Benefits of Rue

  1. Is known to possess anti-fungal properties

    This herb is known to be poisonous and hence is also known to cause death of numerous fungus as well as other micro-organisms. It has been known to effectively treat issues such as Athlete’s foot and de-complexion of skin.

  2. Is known to be a powerful anti-dote to poison

    This herb being poisonous tends to act as anti-dote of other poisons are neurotoxins. Also, the essential oil of rue should be administered in case the patient has by chance consumed something poisonous.

  3. Helps in Killing Bacteria

    This herb has been known to be extremely effective in treating issue such as food poisoning caused due to intestinal bacteria. It should be consumed orally however only under the supervision of expert and that too in a very minimal amount.

  4. Is known to be insecticidal

    Being poisonous this herb can be utilised as an insect repellent component and hence can be utilised in things such as burner, vaporiser etc. to drive insects away.

  5. Anti-arthritic as well as anti-rheumatic

    This is clear from the heading that this herb has proven to be beneficial in treatment of arthritis as well as rheumatism as it tends to have numbing effects.

  6. Acts as a neural sedative

    The neurotoxic nature of this herb has been known to relieve any sort of stress on the nerves and hence tends to calm any sort of hyper activity or disturbances in them.

  7. Can Help in Digestion

    As mentioned before this herb is known to kill bacteria and hence can effectively treat issue related to digestive system particular those caused due to bacteria.

  8. Is beneficial for Women

    This herb is known to stimulate the menstrual cycle and hence in this way tends to regulate the functioning of uterus. Moreover this herb has also been known to treat PMS effectively.

How to Use

  • Decoction prepared from this herb is used to treat numerous health issues.
  • Essential oil extracted is also utilised for medicinal benefits.


This herb should be consumed carefully as it is known to contain poisonous nature and hence if not admininstered cautiously can result in death.

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