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Health Benefits of Pink Pepper

Health Benefits of Pink Pepper

Brazilian peppertree is a shrubby tree with slender, spiky leaves. It grows 4 to 10 m tall, with a trunk 25 to 35 cm in breadth. It is known to contain numerous flowers which are later known to produces small berry like fruits. It is known to be commonly grown in South and Central America and can likewise be found in tropical areas of the United States and Africa. All parts of the tree have high amounts of essential oil within it that deliver a zesty, sweet-smelling aroma. The leaves of this herb have such high oil content that leaf pieces yank and turn when set in boiling point water as the oil is discharged. The berries, which have a peppery flavor, are utilized as a part of syrups, vinegar, and refreshments. Some of the health advantages of this herb are mentioned under.

Primary Use of this Herb

This herb is known to contain certain toxic substances and therefore is known not to be used in the pharmaceutical application. Still this herb is utilised locally by people for treatment of issues such as wounds, fractures as well as PMS.

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Chemical And Nutrient Content in Pink Pepper

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Health Benefits of Pink Pepper

  1. Known to have Diuretic as well as Laxative Properties

    This complete herb is known to possess diuretic properties and hence helps in detoxification of the body. It is also known to possess certain laxative abilities and hence helps in smooth digestion as well as healthy movement of bowel.

  2. Is known to be anti-inflammatory as well as anti-septic in nature

    This entire herb when made into a paste is applied over wounded areas in order to prevent any micro-organisms from entering into the body. It is also applied to cure inflammation which is caused during fractures or due to diseases such as gout and rheumatism.

  3. Is Used to Cure PMS issues

    Decoction prepared from the leaves of this herb if consumed is known to treat issues such urinary infections as well as symptoms of PMS.

  4. Helpful in treatment Against Cold

    In numerous countries a tea prepared from the leaves of this herb is known to be beneficial in treatment of cold. It is known to have certain expectorant properties which releases mucous and hence clears the chest as well as respiratory tract.

  5. Helpful in treatment against Anxiety and Stress

    As mentioned before it is known to have aromatic as well as expectorant properties and hence is known to be a soothing cure for anxiety. It tends to relieve any stress on the nerves and hence at the same time tends to be effective in treating these issues.

How to Use

  • Dried leaves are known to be consumed in the form of tea.
  • The extract derived from the leaves is known to be applied topically or consumed in the form of decoction to treat numerous internal as well as external issues.
  • Decoction prepared from the bark of this shrub is known to be helpful in treatment against gout.


Do not consume this herb if you don’t have sufficient knowledge about its use. It is known to contain certain compounds which can pose a threat to your health.

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