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Health Benefits of Cloves

Health benefits of cloves

Primary use of clove

Cloves are primarily used in medicines, toothpastes and for adding flavour to food items.

Nutrient and chemical content of clove

  • manganese
  • vitamin K
  • fiber
  • iron
  • magnesium
  • calcium

Health benefits of clove

  1. Effective for the respiratory system

    Clove and clove oils contain expectorant, antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties. Because of presence of these properties they are known to be helpful in improving the respiratory conditions. Clove and clove oils also provide relief from common cold, stuffy nose, sore throat, viral infections, asthma and various sinus conditions.

  2. Effective in joint pain

    The anti inflammatory and analgesic properties of clove oil makes them suitable for providing relief from joint pain.

  3. Helps in improving digestion

    You can improve your digestion by simply including a bit of clove in your foods. Cloves play an important role in improving the digestion process. They prevent gas formation owing to their carminative properties. Cloves when mixed with water in the preparation of tea helps in overcoming flatulence. They help in relaxing the smooth lining of the gastrointestinal tract which in turns alleviates many disorders of the digestive system including vomiting, diarrhea, intestinal gas, gastric irritability and stomach aches.

  4. Relief from toothache

    We all must have seen advertisements of toothpastes containing cloves. Cloves act as natural painkiller. All you need to do is dab some clove oil in a cotton ball and put it on your gums or sore tooth. You can also grind a couple of cloves and mix it in clove oil and apply it on the affected area. Along with providing relief to the toothache, it will also treat infections.

  5. Treats bad breath

    The capacity of cloves to kill bacteria causing bad breath is attributed to their antiseptic properties. They also help in cleaning the bacteria and decaying matter from parts of mouth. In addition to this, their strong aroma also helps in getting rid of the bad breath. Cloves also act as mouth fresheners and can be eaten after a meal.

  6. Treats acne and scars

    Many beauty products have included clove or clove oil as an ingredient. They are also blended with face packs or massage creams to make the application easy. They are known to be really beneficial in treating acne and scars.

How to Use:

  • Clove incorporated products are available in the market and can be used after consulting the doctor.


Repeated use of clove oil on the gums is known to cause damage. Clove oil is also known to thin the blood and therefore, should not be taken along with blood thinning medication.

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