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Herb Benefits of Dill

Herb benefits of Dill

Dill, which is also known as Anethum Graveolens is an annual herb in the celery family Apiaceae and is the sole species of the genus Anethum. It has been used as a culinary spice for a long time now but it has many medicinal properties also. Dill seeds and the tree above the ground is used for medicinal purposes. As a medicine, dill finds its use for liver problems, urinary tract disorders and digestion problems which includes loss of appetite also.

Primary Use of Dill

Dill has a lot of uses both in natural form or any other form. The seed is crushed and applied to the area of swelling and pain, dill is also used as a culinary spice. The oil extracted from it called Dill oil is used as a fragrance in perfumes and soaps and as an essential oil in aromatherapy also. Although dill has many medicinal uses like that in treating insomnia, hiccups and diarrhea and is an anti-inflammatory substance too, its primary use is as a culinary spice all over the world.

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Chemical and Nutrient Content of Dill

The herb contains following compounds

  • Vitamin A, B Complex, C
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Phosphorus
  • Magnesium
  • A-Phellandrene
  • Dill ether
  • Limonene
  • P-Cymene
  • Monoterpenes

Health Benefits of Dill

  1. Improves digestion

    Dill is majorly used as a culinary spice all over the world. It is either used as toppings or is mixed in with the meals but the oil which is extracted from it while cooking activates the secretion of digestive juices and bile. The oil furthermore eases bowel movements and relieves from constipation also.

  2. Prevents excess gas

    Gas is the typical example of a problem which you never want to experience in public but if left unnoticed, it can prove to be fatal. Dill is a very well-known carminative and it can prevent that condition of excessive gas buildup. It compels the gas to go downward by the digestive tract and out of the body in a safe way.

  3. Improves the Immune system

    Dill is shown to improve the immune system of the body because of its antimicrobial properties. It is very efficient against microbial infections in the body, be it in the organs or through any cuts or wounds.

  4. Gives relief in Diarrhea

    There are two things which cause Diarrhea – Indigestion and microbial action. It is now seen that dill has both antimicrobial properties and is really helpful against indigestion also.

  5. Cancer

    Dill contains a component called Monoterpenes which are stimulating and chemo preventive by nature. This leads to the secretion of the enzyme glutathione-S-transferase which neutralizes carcinogens, Cyano- and Benzo- derivatives and free radicals hence protecting the body from cancer. In addition to monoterpenes, other antioxidants present in Dill also helps in cancer prevention.

  6. Menstrual and Respiratory Disorders

    The essential oil of dill, which is used in aromatherapy, contains flavonoids which helps in the secretion of certain hormones in women which helps in maintain proper menstrual cycles. In case of respiration, components like kaempferol and monoterpenes, which are ant congestive and antihistaminic in nature, helps in clearing the respiratory tract of any blockage occurred due to cold and coughs and allergies.

How to Use:

  • Dill seeds are used to prepare herbal tea.
  • Leaves of the dill plant can be used in many dishes also in place of other greens.
  • Can be taken as a medicine or the juice can be applied to the affected areas for immediate relief


Dill is considered safe when taken as a food and has moderate precautions when used as a medicine. It is just recommended that it should not be taken while pregnancy as not much is known about it. Also, since it tends to lower the blood sugar level, it is advised that people who are suffering from diabetes should consult a doctor before taking it with the normal prescription.

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