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Herb benefits of Dandelion

Herb benefits of Dandelion

Dandelion means “Lion’s Tooth”. Dandelion is the common name given to the family of edible flowers which are native to Eurasia and North America, and scientifically they are known as Taraxacum Officinale. Dandelion belongs to the Asteraceae species and like all other members of this species, they have a composite flower head to which other small flowers are attached. An interesting fact about Dandelions is that they produce seeds asexually by apomixes and not by pollination.

Primary use of Dandelions

Dandelions have a plethora of uses in the medicinal field including relief from diabetes, acne, jaundice and even cancer but they are used more as decorations in festivals or some important occasions. They are also traditionally used in groups of plants together in a park or garden to enhance its beauty. They are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C and calcium and other nutrients also. The medicinal aspects of dandelion are still being researched and validated around the world.

Chemical and Nutrient Content of Dandelion

The herb contains following compounds

  • Eudesmanolide
  • Germacranolide
  • Vitamin A, C, D and B complex
  • Lactupicrine
  • Luteolin
  • Tarpenoids
  • Potassium and Calcium Salts
  • Inulin
  • Pectin
  • Sterols
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Health Benefits of Dandelion

  1. Prevents Liver Disorders

    Dandelions are very beneficial for the liver. It keeps liver safe from any hemorrhaging and also maintains proper bile flow which promotes digestion. Chemical components like Vitamin C and Luteolin helps in optimal functioning of the liver and keeps it from aging prematurely. It also diminishes the chances of constipation.

  2. Helpful in Curing Diabetes

    Diabetic patients require insulin to keep the blood sugar level low and the juice of Dandelions have natural insulin present in it. Dandelions are diuretic in nature too which also effects diabetic patients like by increasing the urination in them, freeing kidneys from sugar deposition. Dandelions are bitter in taste also which furthermore decreases the sugar level in the blood.

  3. Takes good care of Skin

    Dandelion milk is nothing but the dandelion sap which is found to be highly alkaline having insecticidal, germicidal and fungicidal properties. Due to this, the milk can be used for treating skin diseases caused by microbial and fungal infections. A caution is given while using this sap and is recommended to be kept away from the eyes.

  4. Helps in Weight loss also

    Dandelion are also used as sweeteners sometimes as they contain the “good” sugar and they have very less calories also. Also, as stated earlier, dandelions have diuretic property which increases urination in a person which results in the person shedding those water weights and fat from the body.

  5. Cancer

    Cancer is majorly caused by free radicals present in the body. The antioxidants and Luteolin present in dandelions helps in reducing the free radicals. Dandelions are found to be most effective against prostate cancer as it detoxifies the body and prevents the development of tumors. Furthermore, the Luteolin present poisons the components of cancer cells leaving them ineffective.

  6. Beneficial against constipation

    It is proved now that Dandelions improves the digestion of the body and also helps in constipation. It keeps a check on the bowel movements by adding bulk to the stool hence reducing the chances of diarrhea. It is basically prescribed to children and people who have undergone trauma or surgery.

How to Use:

  • The leaves can be taken directly with salads or in other dishes by replacing the greens.
  • The flowers are used to make tea to absorb the nutrient contents in it and for the fragrance it emits. Flowers can be used for some wines also.
  • Doctor should be consulted if you plan to add dandelions over the existing treatments.


There is not much to look out for when using Dandelions but if someone is using blood-sugar modulators from beforehand then they should consult the doctor before using dandelions also. The Dandelion milk or sap is also known to cause itching and irritation to the skin and eyes. Also, Dandelion contains inulin which is a rare fiber and some people may have an allergy from it.

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