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Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds

Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are the common seeds which are obtained from the plant belonging to the Sesame group. Known with the botanical name of Sesamum indicum these are considered to be the oldest oil crop of the world. Traditionally found in Africa these seeds are known to be approximately 3500 years old and are known to grow on plants which are normally 3 feet in size. The seeds of sesame are known to come in numerous types as well as sizes. This plant is known to grow in various tough conditions and is usually found in areas where other crops fail to grow. There are number of health advantages for this herb which are mentioned under.

Primary Use of this Herb

The seeds of this herb have been known to be beneficial in treating high blood pressure issues. It reduces the strain on the cardiovascular system and thereby prevent number of heart disease.

Chemical And Nutrient Content in Sesame Seeds

This herb contains following compounds

Calories 573
Fat 50g 70%
Carbs 23g 7%
Dietary Fibre 12g 48%
Protein 18g 36%
Vitamin C 0%
Iron 81%
Calcium 97%

Health Benefits of Sesame Seeds

  1. Helps in Controlling Blood Pressure

    As mentioned before these seeds are known to reduce any cardio vascular stress and hence prevents any heart issues. It is known to contain magnesium which is a vasodilator and hence relieves stress on arteries and thereby causing smooth flow of blood.

  2. Helps in Preventing Against Cancer

    With huge amounts of Vitamins and Minerals present sesame seeds have been known to reduce the overall risk of cancer. Apart from this it is known to contain magnesium which is found to have anti-carcinogenic effect and hence acts as an anti-oxidant which removes any free radicals present in body.

  3. Helps in Prevention Against Diabetes

    Sesame seeds are known to be a rich source of magnesium and therefore help in prevention as well as cure of diabetes. The essential oil derived from these seeds have been known to cure type 2 diabetes in patients.

  4. Helps in Improving Bone Health

    High levels of minerals such as calcium, zinc and phosphorous are known to be present in this herb. This helps in increasing the bone health while at the same time tends to increase the bone density.

  5. Helps in the process of Digestion

    The sesame seeds are known to contain high amounts of fibre and hence they facilitate a health digestion. They tend to control the movement of bowel and hence cause a smooth excretion of waste. They tend to scrap out any LDL cholesterol from the body and thereby maintaining the health of heart.

  6. Is known to contain anti-inflammatory qualities

    High amounts of copper present in this herb is known to cure issues such as inflammation which is caused in the muscles as well as bones due to disease such as arthritis. Copper is also an essential mineral which strengthens the joints as well as walls of blood vessels.

  7. Helps in Protection Against Radiation

    This herb is known to contain a compound which is called as sesamol which helps against the damage to DNA from radiation. This radiation can occur through numerous means such as cancer treatment or X-Ray etc.

  8. Helps Maintain Oral Health

    This is one of the widely used advantages of sesame seeds. The oil extracted from the seeds is flowed through the mouth which is known to cure numerous bacterial issues as well as smell from the same. It is an effective preventive measure against oral cavities.

  9. Helps in Maintaining Hair as well as Skin Health

    This herb is known to contain high volumes of zinc which helps in formation of collagen, a compound the role of which is to strengthen hair as well as muscle tissues. It can also remove or reduce any visible marks on skin.

  10. Helps in Improving Metabolic Function

    Seeds of this herb have been known to contain high amounts of protein which helps in assisting basic functions of body such as cell repair and growth, production of energy etc.

How to Use

  • The oil extracted from the seeds is used for culinary as well as other health advantages.
  • The seeds can be cooked or can be consumed raw as liked.


High amounts of this herb if consumed can result in stomach irritation as well as could show in drrug test as they are known to contain small amount of THC.

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