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Health Benefits of Cowslip

Health Benefits of Cowslip

Cowslip is a herb that grows growing throughout the temperate zones of Asia and Europe. It is used both in fresh and dry forms and consists of amazing medicinal properties. It is a small plant consisting of sweet smelling yellow flowers with orange dots in them. It also consists of small rhizome from which the thick short roots arise which end in a bud. This plant is harvested in the spring season.

Primary use of cowslip

This herb can be used as an alternative medicine for bronchitis, insomnia, sore and swollen nose.

Health benefits of cowslip

  1. Are used as expectorant

    The flowers and roots of this herb are an expectorant and can be used in treating symptoms of flu, coughs and common cold. It is also used as a home remedy for whooping cough in Europe. The flowers of this plant are known to promote sweating which makes them suitable to be used for feverish colds, nasal congestion and flu.

  2. are used for treating arthritic joints

    Their roots soaked in a decoction are useful in treating painful arthritic joints.

  3. are used as ointments

    The flowers of cowslip are used as ointment for treating sunburns and skin blemishes.

  4. provide treatment for insomnia

    The tincture are used for treating insomnia, anxiety and over excitement.

  5. provide relief from pain

    When combined with a neutral oil, the oil of this plant acts as a good massage oil. They are useful in treating nerve pain and migraine headaches.

  6. are rich in salicylates

    The roots of cowslip contain salicylates which have action similar to aspirin.

How to Use

  • the leaves of this herb are used to prepare tea which treats hyperactivity and insomnia.
  • used in lotions to treat acne and other skin blemishes
  • dried cowslip flowers combined with boiling water provides treatment for cold.
  • cowslip flower soaked in white wine provide great benefits to heart.


  • Cowslips are not recommended to anyone allergic to aspirins because they contain salicylates.
  • They should also not be used by pregnant women.
  • Anyone undergoing anticoagulant treatment should avoid cowslip.
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