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Health Benefits of Astragalus

Health Benefits of Astragalus

Astragalus is a wide spread genus that has got about 3000 species of varieties of herbs and small shrubs. It belongs to the kingdom plantae and falls under the fabaceae family and Fabiodeae sub family. It is commonly known as milkvetch,Haung Qi, locoweed and goat’s thorn. It usually grows to a height of about 36 inches. Out of the 3000 species of Astragalus, 2000 species have got medicinal benefits. The roots grow long in the colour of yellow that is why it is known as yellow ladder.

Primary Use of the Herb

Astragalus is a well known immune system booster and aids cancer treatment. The herb is used famously in China as a protector against stress both physical and mental depression. It acts as a shield and safeguards cells from cell death and getting affected by other dangerous elements such asradicals and oxidation. It is being widely used in outflow of pus from the skin and helps in the development of new tissues.

Chemical and Nutrients in Astragalus

  • Saponins
  • Flavonoids
  • Polysaccharides
  • Vitamins

Health Benefits of Astragalus

  1. Immune system booster

    Astragalus acts as antioxidants and protects the immune system functions. Besides acting as antioxidants, it has got herbal advantages that give the capability to immune system to protect itself against any damages, thus improvising the working of immune system.

  2. Stress buster

    Stress has become a major problem in today’s world. Astragalus proves to be a perfect medicine for those suffering from stress, anxiety and consistent mood swings. It acts as a balance between your stresses and relieves you from tension.

  3. Prevents cancer

    Astragalus acts as a destroyer and prevents the cancer cells from getting the required amount of oxygen in order to aggravate. It stops the cancer cells from getting the oxygen which is the early stage of cancer development thus helping in fighting against cancer.

  4. Helps in reducing aging

    Astragalus is turning out to be one of the most efficient herbs that help in anti-aging. It reduces the sign of aging which is visible on the face; it stimulates growth of tissues, destroys free radicals and reduces the visibility of wrinkles and age spots.

  5. Helps in maintaining heart

    Astragalus, being an excellent antioxidant helps in curing heart problems. Consuming Astragalus after a stroke can help to strengthen the artery walls and increase the functioning of the heart once the blood flow starts in the brain.

  6. Prevents sleeplessness

    People suffering from insomnia, i.e., sleep deprivation or suffering from disturbed sleep, can consume the extract from the roots of Astragalus which increases the health condition of the body and brings a balance in the hormones thus resulting into good sleep.

  7. Helps in curing allergies

    Astragalus helps in curing of seasonal allergies which are caused due to the release of histamines, which causes fever, running nose, itching eyes and other itching symptoms. The root extracts of Astragalus will help to sure such allergies.

  8. Regulate and prevent diabetes

    The most important elements in Astragalusaresaponins, flavonoids and polysaccharides which act as a medicine and accelerates insulin sensitivity which reduces diabetes.

How to Use:

  • The roots are dried and extracted in order to use it for treating cancer and other illness.
  • The roots are dried and made as powder which can be used as seasoning on food or can be added in smoothie.
  • They are also consumed as decoction by boiling the dried root in water and brewing it as tea.


The herb has got several health benefits which can be listed long but there is a small warning in it. If a person is suffering from autoimmune disease such as HIV, then he or she should not intake Astragalus as it has the power of increasing the seriousness of the disease.

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