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Health Benefits of Levant Berry

Health Benefits of Levant Berry

Levant berry is a fruit which is known to be found in regions of South East Asia. This herb is typically known to be utilised in its dried form however is banned for medicinal uses in numerous regions due to some toxicity that it contains. This herb is still under research and a compound called as picrotoxin is known to have certain medicinal uses. Known as ‘annamirta cocculus’ botanically this herb is known to have numerous benefits for health as well as wellbeing. Some of the medicinal advantages that this herb possesses are mentioned below.

Primary Use of this Herb

This herb has been known to directly influence the nervous system of the body and hence is known to be helpful in treating issues such as dizziness and epilepsy.

Chemical And Nutrient Content in Levant Berry

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Health Benefits of Levant Berry

  1. Is known to treat dizziness and epilepsy

    This herb is known to contain certain compound which tends to directly affect the nervous system and hence tends to be and effective cure for epilepsy and situation such as dizziness.

  2. Is used to treat skin issues

    The powdered form of this herb is known to be effective in treatment of numerous skin issues and hence is known to be a cure for scabies.

  3. Helps Cure Malaria

    The leaves of this herb are known to cure Malaria. People can consume or inhale the leaves of this herb which as a result is an effective cure in increasing the levels of blood platelets.

How to Use

  • This herb is utilised in powdered form for making of numerous medications.
  • Is used for the purpose of treating malaria.


Never ever try consuming this herb directly through mouth. This herb contains a harmful poison which can effect the neural system of your body.

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