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Health Benefits of Fennel

Health Benefits of Fennel

Fennel is one of the popular herbs which is used both for culinary as well as medicinal advantages.

Primary Use of this Herb

This herb has proven to be useful in treating numerous heart conditions and is useful for avoiding conditions such as stroke. Also known by the name of common fennel as well as Shih-ho this herb is famous for helping with the process of digestion. This herb resembles mustard to some extent and is known to have bright yellow coloured flowers. Found in the northern hemisphere this herb is known to have numerous benefits some of which are known to be mentioned under.

Chemical And Nutrient Content in Fennel

  • Volatile Oil
  • Fatty Acids
  • Flavonoids
  • Anethole

Health Benefits of Fennel

  1. Is known to be helpful in treatment of numerous oral issues

    Crunching on a couple fennel seeds will sweeten and invigorate your breath after a supper and particularly dispose of terrible breath after a foul feast. Its antimicrobial properties battle the germs that cause terrible breath. Its antibacterial and calming properties likewise alleviate sore gums.

  2. Is known to help with the process of Digestion

    Fennel is exceptionally helpful in alleviating digestive issues, for example, acid reflux, bloating, fart, obstruction, colic, intestinal gas, and indigestion. This herb invigorates assimilation and has carminative impacts that calm the digestive tract and prevents the development of gas.

  3. Helps Maintain Levels of fluid

    Consuming tea made from this herb flushes out any extra liquids from the body as it acts as a diuretic. You can likewise lessen puffy eyes brought about by high liquid retention by applying fennel tea under your eyes.

  4. Helps in diminishing Obesity

    Fennel is fantastic for battling excessive weight gains as it tends to reduce hunger by inducing a sense of fulfilment. Crisp fennel acts as a characteristic fat buster by boosting the digestion system and separating fats.

  5. Ensures Against Cancers

    Fennel can diminish the danger of creating colon tumour since it expels cancer-causing poisons from the colon. Additionally, the herb has a calming phytonutrient called anethole that has high level of anti-oxidant within it.

  6. Helps treat Menstrual Problems

    Numerous variables, including anxiety and horrible eating routine, can intrude on a lady’s consistent menstrual cycle. Fennel herb is therefore known to help in regulating the mentrual cycel of women. The herb likewise has phytoestrogens that assist with issues like premenstrual disorder and menopausal disorder.

  7. Is known to be helpful in treating Respiratory Illnesses

    Fennel has mellow expectorant properties that clean respiratory tract contaminations connected with hacks, colds, flu virus, and sinus clog.

    For example, when enduring with a hack and sore throat, you can drink warm fennel tea a few times each day.

  8. Helps Avoids Cardiac Problems

    Fennel can decrease the danger of stroke and heart attack. It is a decent wellspring of potassium that brings down hypertension and also foliates that is required for changing over possibly unsafe homocysteine particles into a favourable frame.

How to Use

  • Fennels seeds are known to be consumed by many people across globe.
  • The decoction as well as extract prepared from the leaves is also utilised for treating numerous health issues.


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