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The Wrong Notions about the Birth of Male & Female Child

The Wrong Notions about the Birth of Male & Female Child

For centuries together some wrong notions have been perpetuated by quacks to exploit the gullible for their selfish gains. Some of them are listed below with the right answers supported by the latest researches in the field of medical sciences.

(a) Women with many sisters beget more daughters

This is a very popular misconception which goads many educated boys to refuse marriage with an otherwise most suitable bride for themselves. They hesitate simply because she happens to belong to a family in which the medical science has conclusively proved the following process that is involved in conception.

As hinted earlier, the ova (eggs) of women are all similar, carrying only X Chromosomes. The sperm cells of a man are of two types: those with X chromosomes and those with Y Chromosomes. When the fertilization takes place, the fertilized egg will have the genetic constitution of XX or XY. A fertilized ovum with two X chromosomes develops into a girl, and the one with an X or Y chromosomes develops into a boy. Hence the chances of a girl or woman begetting a girl or boy largely depend upon the sperm quality of the male. It is not conditioned by the woman’s genetic history. Thus the sex of the offspring depends on the type of sperm cells fertilizing the ovum, the ova of the woman having the same genetic constitution. There is no truth that a woman with many sisters will give birth predominantly to girls.


(b) That certain miracle drugs or potency powders dispensed by ‘experienced’ Babas or Yogis can ensure the birth of a male child

There could be nothing farther from the truth. Many persons who claim to have vast experience and special knowledge, dispense packets of powders to be taken by a pregnant woman from the sevenths week of pregnancy, with the assurance that they will give birth to a male child as a result of this course of medication. These quacks always stress about maintaining the schedule of the course without any single lapse and insist on their miracle powders to be taken with absolute clockwork regularity for seven months. The women who in the quest for a male child have produced a couple of daughters already are so carried away by their wish that they do everything religiously but without any desired results. On top of these miracle powders, they also waste their precious money in wearing a score of chains and amulets recommended by these quacks.
As is explained earlier, medical science has thoroughly established the fact that the sex of the baby gets determined at the very moment of conception, when the sperm of the man encounters and fertilizes the ovum of the woman. Thus the sex of the child gets determined on the very first day of pregnancy and cannot be changed subsequently. It should, therefore, be clear that no powders or packets are going to change the sex of the child. As explained above, the sex of the child is determined not by any characteristic of the woman, but solely by the sperm cells of the man. And once the baby’s sex is determined no powder on earth can change it, let alone these quacks and swindlers.

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(c) Are Labour Pains unendurable?

Some of the ‘know-all’ quacks often spread the misconception that labourpains are unendurable. If the mother to-be has a narrow pelvic, or the child is too robust, of the labour is protracted because of other similar reasons or if the woman just happens to be afraid of pain, she may say that without giving serious thoughts to the matter : “Doctor, why should let me pass through this hell. Better operate and lift the baby out !” All this collectively seems to give the impression as though delivery is an extremely painful experience, and the venitable hellish experience in life. Hence the misconception.”

However, if the labours of love had been so dreadful how many women would have opted for the second pregnancy having ‘survived’ through the hellish experience of the first ? It is true that the uterine contractions are extremely severe. Muscles and skin may tear under ten tension created during the process of delivery, Inspite of all this, all mothers concede that these pains are within the limits of endurance and frequently they are mild.

Becoming a mother is the intense desire of every woman. For women, in most of the societies get respect only by being a mother. It is very much true with the country. That is the reason why women get ready to deliver the child. Moreover, since the reward is such tempting they happily undergo all the travails of this period of ‘procreativity’ in more senses than one. Consequently, most women bear the pains without screaming or crying, in many cases managing to smile cheerfully, and they even sit up on the delivery table regardless of the pain to obtain a glimpse of the baby. Even otherwise the stupendous advances made by medical sciences have reduced the hazards of pregnancy or delivery to a great extent. With pre-natal treatment, exercises, medical supervision etc. has considerably alliviated the labour pains. Above all seeing a part of her appear in bone and flesh gives that senses of fulfilment to a woman that all these travails pale into insignificance.

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Is it Possible medically to plan one’s daughter and son as per one’s wish, at all?

Yes, there is a possibility. Whether a pregnant woman will give birth to a boy or a girl is determined by the type of sperm cell which has fertilised the ovum. Boys develop from ova fertilised by sperm cells carrying the Y chromosome. Such Chromosomes are called ‘and rosperms’. The sperm cells carrying X chromosomes which result in the development of girls are known as ‘gynosperms’.



The Conception Prone Period

The unfertilised egg, or ovum, lives for about 48 hours after it has been released from the ovary, and has entered the tube leading to the uterus, viz., the Fallopian tube. Generally, the ovum gets fertilised within a day of its release. Thus, fertilisation-and hence conception-is most probable within 12 to 24 hours of ovulation, or the release of the ovum.



Time of Release of the Ovum

If the day of the commencement of the menstrual flow is counted as the first day, ovulation takes place on the 13th to the 17th day, and most frequently on the 14th day. the release of the ovum is accompanied by a rise in body temperature by about 1°F (Fahrenhiet) (about .56 °C), which persists right upto the next menstruation. By taking the temperature of a woman with a thermometer every day before she gets up in the morning, the time of ovulation can be determined fairly accurately. [One should not forget that washing the mouth, having breakfast, bathing etc. cause slight variations in temperature]. The ovum is released exactly 14 days before the next menstruation, but the interval between the previous menstruation and the release of the ovum is no so dependently accurate.



The Required Measures For Ensuring Birth of a Son.

  1. Time of your intercourse should coincide as closely as possible with the ovulation. Andosperms are slightly faster than the gynosperms, and so are likely to reach the ovum earlier.
  2. The woman should have a vaginal douche with a large glass of water containing two spoonfuls of baking soda. The alkaline environment so created is highly favourable to the andosperms.
  3. Stop having intercourse from the beginning of a menstrual period till the favourable time as indicated in (i) above. This will ensure that no gynosperms surviving from an earlier intercourse will reach the ovum before the andosperms have had their chance.
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The Required Measures for Ensuring Birth of a Daughter

  1. Intercourse should precede the time of ovulation by two to three day, after which you must avoid having intercourse. The gynosperms are sturdier and survive longer in the genital system, and so they are likely to be the only ones available for fertilisation when ovulation takes place. This process increases the probability of having a daughter.
  2. A douche of water containing vinegar (acetic acid) or any other sour substance will increase the probability of having a daughter. The reason being that an acidic environment has an unfavourable effect on the activity and mobility of the andosperms, whereas the gynosperms are not affected to such an extent. They will therefore get a better opportunity to fertilise the ovum.
  3. Increase the frequency of intercourse from the beginning of the menstrual cycle to the time indicated in (i) above. Frequent ejaculation decrease the number of sperms released at each ejaculation and the resulting decreased sperm count increases the possibility of having a daughter. The proportion of gynosperms is also likely to be higher under these conditions.


Understanding both the set of measures of having a son or a daughter according to your wishes helps greatly in fulfilling it. Thus you can not only get your issues as desired but at proper intervals also. It, however, should be noted that such measures only INCREASE THE PROBABILITY of fulfilling one’s desire for a daughter or a son and there is no guarantee still. Whether you actually get a son or daughter is still in the hands of Almighty.

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