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Health Benefits of Feverfew

Health Benefits of Feverfew

Feverfew is known to be utilised since the time of socrates. This herb is known by the scientific name of ‘Tanacetum Parthenium’. It is known to be one of the most beneficial herbs for the treatment of issues such as headache and migraine. This is one of the strongly aromatic perennial herb which is known to contain beautiful white flowers. It is known to have numerous benefits some of which are mentioned below.

Primary Use of this Herb

This herb has been utilised as one of the most beneficial medications for treatment of issues such as fever and migraine.

Chemical and Nutrient Content in Feverfew

  • Lactones
  • Tannins
  • Volatile Oil
  • Pyre thin

Health Benefits of Feverfew

  1. Helps in curing Headache Relief

    The most well-known advantage of feverfew is its reasonable impact on cerebral pains and headaches. One of the impacts of the constituents present in it is the prevention of platelet developing in vessels and veins. This is the thing that causes strain in the cardiovascular framework and causes cerebral pains and headaches. By calming and unwinding these vessels, feverfew can rapidly dispose of these difficult conditions.

  2. Helps treat Nervousness and Stress

    Feverfew has been known to diminish stress and lighten tension in people. This is critical for the individuals who experience the ill effects of endless tension, as the presence of such stress hormones in the body can be risky over long stretches.

  3. Bring down Inflammation

    Some of the compounds present in feverfew have calming capacities, which successfully decreases irritation all through the body. For the individuals who experience the ill effects of interminable joint agony, joint inflammation, gout, and other fiery conditions, home grown treatment with feverfew is an easy and successful arrangement.

  4. Helps in reducing pain

    This is firmly identified with the mitigating impacts of feverfew. For a great many years, feverfew has been utilized to reduce torment all through the body, not only the agony of cerebral pains and headaches. Taking after surgery or harm, it can be effectively used for fast and durable help.

  5. Helps reduce symptoms of fever

    Traditionally, feverfew has been utilized to treat fevers. The name of the plant ought to be some sign of this property. In the event that you are experiencing a fever, whether it is connected to another more genuine ailment or not, it can advance sweating and wipe out poisons from the body, speeding the recuperating procedure and decreasing aggravation.

  6. Helps treat any menstrual discomfort

    One of the uses of feverfew is its role in the decrease of distress amid period. For billions of ladies around the globe, feminine cycle can be an excruciating month to month event that incorporates spasms, bloating, hormonal swings, torment, and fainting. It can viably bring down aggravation, wipe out issues, and instigate quiet to diminish temperament swings and uneasiness.

  7. Acts as a hunger booster

    For individuals attempting to put on weight or recouping from a damage/surgery, expanding one’s craving can be vital. Feverfew has been connected to certain hormonal action that actuates hunger. While this may not be perfect for individuals attempting to remain focused eating routine, it can positively help the mending procedure and weight pick up endeavours for those people who might be underweight or calorie-lacking.

  8. Helps maintain skin health

    One of the prime medical advantages of feverfew is its part in skin wellbeing. Research is progressing on the full impacts of feverfew on the skin, however with regards to dermatitis and other normal types of irritation; it has appeared to reduce side effects when topically connected.

How to Use

  • Extracts or decoctions of this herb are known to be consumed internally.
  • The paste of the leaves can be applied externally.


No major side effects known.

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