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Amazing Health Benefits of Litchi

Amazing Health Benefits of Litchi

Lychee, which in scientific terms is called as ‘Litchi chinensis’ is the member of ‘soapberry’ family, however, is the one and the only member from its type, implying that it is unique and hence difficult to find on the planet. It is a product of the tree that can develop in tropical and subtropical atmospheres and is local to China. It smells like a flower and is frequently used to flavour mixed drinks and dishes due to its one of a kind fragrance. The fruit is normally consumed as a dessert in Asian countries; however, it has started to make the jump into more western markets, particularly in extravagance or top of the line eateries.

Nutritional Value of Litchi (190 g)

Calories 125
Total Fat 1g 1%
Sodium 2mg 0%
Total Carbohydrate 31g 10%
Dietary Fiber 2g 10%
Sugar 29g
Protein 2g 0%
Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 226%
Calcium 1%
Iron 3%

Health Benefits of Litchi

  1. Helps in Digestion

    The high content of dietary fiber in lychee adds mass to your stool and increases your digestive wellbeing. This offers solid discharge some assistance with moving through the digestive tract easily, and fiber likewise initiates peristaltic movement of small intestines, thereby increasing the rate of nourishment passing through it. It likewise starts gastric and digestive juices, so supplement assimilation is more proficient. This can lessen stoppage and another gastrointestinal issue.

  2. Strengthens Immune System

    Perhaps the most noteworthy supplement in lychee is vitamin C, and this organic product has more than 100% of the everyday prerequisite of ‘Ascorbid’ acid in a solitary serving. This implies your safe framework gets a noteworthy support, as vitamin C is a noteworthy cancer prevention agent compound and is known to perform the action of white platelets.

  3. Helps in Cancer Prevention

    The polyphenolic compound and proanthocyanidins found in lychee are more efficient than vitamin C in killing free radicals and shielding the body from different disease. Free radicals are the harmful results of cell digestion system that can bring about cancer, coronary illness and untimely maturing among other undesirable conditions.

  4. Possesses Antiviral Properties

    The proanthocyanidins in lychee have been studies on broadly, and they have additionally shown antiviral abilities. Litchi tannin A2, a compound found in lychee, has been firmly associated with keeping the spread of infections, including herpes simplex infection and coxsackie infection.

  5. Helps Maintain Blood Pressure

    Lychee has an abundance of potassium, implying that it can offer your body some assistance with maintaining a liquid balance; lychee is additionally low in sodium, which likewise makes a difference. Liquid balance is a vital part of metabolic processes, as well as in hypertension. Potassium is viewed as a vasodilator, implying that it diminishes the narrowing of veins a, thereby bringing down the weight on the cardiovascular framework.

  6. Have high levels of Oligonol

    This phenolic compound found in lychee has been associated with various critical medical advantages, including anti-influenza action, a balance in circulation, a diminishment in weight, and the care of your skin from destructive UV beams when presented to the sun. It additionally shows significant cancer prevention agent capacities, much the same as ascorbic acid and alternate proanthocyanidins in lychee.

  7. Helps in Blood Circulation

    Copper is another key mineral found in significant amounts in lychee, and iron is most ordinarily connected with red platelets, copper is additionally an indispensable piece of RBC development. Subsequently, the copper substance in lychee can help blood flow and expand oxygenation of the organs and cells.


Since lychees are a decent wellspring of sugars, diabetics ought to be watchful when eating lychees since it can unbalance their glucose levels. Likewise, lychees are viewed as a “hot” sustenance, implying that they can now and again unbalance the body’s supplement levels. Extreme utilization of lychees can bring about fever, or a sore throat. In any case, in ordinary amounts, there are no characteristic wellbeing dangers.

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Amazing Health Benef
Amazing Health Benef