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Amazing Health Benefits of Figs

Amazing Health Benefits of Figs

Figs are occasional natural products that are found in the western parts of Asia; however, dried figs are accessible all over, anytime amid the year. The fig tree is an individual from the mulberry crew.A genuinely sweet, sugary flavour alongside a delicate (some might potentially say soft) surface make figs truly worth searching out. Fruit having a soapy feel and studded with noticeable seeds from are dried figs as most individuals know.

Nutritional Value of Figs (100 g)

Calories 47
Total Fat 0g 0%
Sodium 1mg 0%
Potassium 148mg
Total Carbohydrate 12g 12%
Dietary Fiber 2g 2%
Sugar 10g
Protein 0g 0%
Vitamin A 2%
Vitamin C 2%
Calcium 2%
Iron 1%

Health Benefits of Figs

  1. Helps Treat and Prevent Constipation

    High centralization of fiber results in sound, regular function of bowel and helps treat and prevent blockage. Fiber attempts to add mass to solid discharges, so it averts stoppage, as well as wipes out the chances of diarrhea and undesirable or sporadic defecations.

  2. Helps in Weight reduction

    The fiber in figs additionally diminishes weight and is frequently prescribed for obese individuals. Be that as it may, their unhealthy calories count can also result in weight pick up, particularly when consumed with milk. A couple of figs are sufficient to get the suggested measure of supplements, so don’t try to consume them in excess.

  3. Lower the cholesterol levels

    Figs contain Pectin, which is a solvent fiber. When the fiber moves around into your digestive system it carries with itself the excess of cholesterol and takes it to the excretory framework to be disposed of from the body. As a solvent fiber, pectin from figs additionally fortifies solid defecations. Figs can have a diuretic impact, as they are a standout amongst the most fiber-thick sustenance accessible.

  4. Helps prevent coronary illness

    Dried figs contain phenol, Omega-3, and Omega-6. These unsaturated fats diminish the danger of coronary illness. Moreover, the leaves of figs significantly affect the level of triglycerides in a man’s body. Figleaves inhibitory effect on these triglycerides and makes the general number of triglycerides drop. Triglycerides are another main reason behind different heart ailments.

  5. Helps counteract the action of colon disease

    The vicinity of fiber starts the killing of free radicals and other malignancy bringing on substances, especially in the colon, since fiber expands the solid development of the bowels.

  6. Help Prevent Breast Cancer

    The fiber content in figs has been known to work against breast cancer, and after menopause, the hormonal equalization in ladies can frequently change. The body’s frameworks are interconnected to the point that hormones influence the resistant framework, which in turn influences the capacity of cancer prevention agents to battle free radicals. Free radicals are prime elements behind the advancement of growth, so figs deal with one additional line of protection by giving its abundance of fiber.

  7. Suited for diabetic patients

    Figs as a high fiber treat generate a control over diabetes. Fig reduces the measure of insulin needed by a diabetic patient who consistently takes insulin infusions. Figs are rich in Potassium, which controls the measure of sugar which is ingested into the body after dinners. Potassium present in figs can guarantee rise and fall of glucose in body is to a great deal less successive, so figs can offer diabetics some assistance with living a substantially more typical life.

  8. Helps Against hypertension

    People, as a rule, take in sodium as salt, however, low potassium and high sodium level might prompt hypertension. Figs are high in potassium and low in sodium, so they are an impeccable protection against the appearance and impacts of hypertension, making figs an unwinding sustenance also, which can settle the nerves and convey some rest to your day.

  9. Helps Against Bronchitis

    The common chemicals in fig leaves make it a perfect segment for a tea base. Fig leaf tea has been famously endorsed for different conditions such as bronchitis, and it is additionally utilized as an approach to avert and decrease the indications of asthmatic patients.

  10. Helps With Sexual Dysfunction

    For hundreds of years, figs have been prescribed as an approach to amend sexual brokenness like sterility, continuance, or erectile brokenness. The immense measure of profitable vitamins and minerals may bring about the sudden rise in vitality and stamina that individuals botch for a sexual surge.

  11. Helps in Fortifying Bones

    Figs are rich in calcium, which is a standout amongst the most critical parts in strengthening bones and reducing the chances of osteoporosis. It is likewise rich in phosphorus, which supports bone framework and starts regrowth if there is any harm or debasement to bones.

  12. Prevents Urinary calcium misfortune

    People those have a high-sodium eating routine might be affected by expanded calcium loss through urine. The high potassium content in figs dodges that condition and controls the level of waste in your pee. It minimizes the calcium you lose while expanding the measure of uric acid and other unsafe poisons which you need to escape your body.


It is conceivable to have a lot of something to be thankful for, and eating an excess of figs can bring about the looseness of the bowels. Besides, dried figs are high in sugar and can conceivably bring about tooth rot. Likewise, there are the individuals who are susceptible to figs, or certain compound inside them, and the subsequent hypersensitive responses can be mellow to extreme.

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