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Health Benefits of Tansy

Health Benefits of Tansy

Tansy is a perennial herb that is known by the scientific name of Tan acetum Vulgarae. This aromatic herb is although native to Europe however you can find it being cultivated on large scales in USA. This herb is known to have a plant which is normally 3 feet long and contains yellow coloured flowers. The flower heads as well as the leaves of this plant are dried and then utilised in numerous medications. This can either be used as a paste or can be consumed orally. This plant which is belongs to Asteraceae family of plants has number of health benefits which are mentioned below.

Primary Use of this Herb

This herb has proved to be useful in treatment of numerous types of worm in stomach as well as in your digestive tract. It is known as an effective cure in treating ringworms as well as thread worms.

Chemical And Nutrient Content in Tansy

This herb contains following compounds

  • Thujone
  • Camphor
  • Lactones
  • Glycosides
  • Flavonoids
  • Resin
  • Oxalic Acid
  • Citric Acid
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Health Benefits of Tansy

  1. Helps in Curing Worms

    This herb is used by many people for treating worms in both children as well in adults. Being rich in a compound called as Thujone, this herb effectively removes compounds such as round as well as threads worms.

  2. Helps in Maintaining Health of Kidney

    This herb has been known to be utilised in curing issues such as kidney stones as well as increase its overall strength. The diuretic properties of this herb have been known in helpful in flushing out of kidney stones.

  3. Helps in Curing any menstrual irregularities

    Thujone compound which is present in this herb is utilised for starting the menstrual bleeding and hence prevents any irregularities which occur in women. However this shouldn’t be utilised by pregnant women.

  4. Helps in Prevention of Digestive Disorders

    This herb is known to contain certain compounds which help in increasing digestion while at the same time tend to reduce issues such as ulcers as well as bloating. It is also known to be a good stimulant for appetite.

  5. Is Known to Contain Anti-Inflammatory Properties

    Numerous doctors suggest consuming this medicine if suffering from inflammation caused due to diseases such as arthritis or rheumatism. This herb tends to relieve pain caused due to any similar disease.

  6. Improves Heart Conditions

    This herb has been known to be effective in treating issues such irregular heart beat or fluid retention which may eventually lead to heart failure.

  7. Helpful For Improving Immunity

    This herb is known to contain high amount of Vitamin C which is useful in treatment of certain common issues such as cold and cough. It also helps strengthen the immune system so that it can better fight against number of radicals which cause disease.

  8. Is Known to have anti-septic properties

    This compound is known to fight against bacteria present inside as well as outside the body. It can be applied on numerous wounds as well as on issues such as freckle or rashes.

How to Use

  • The leaves of this plant are utilised in extracting essential oils which is known to contain number of health advantages.
  • Leaves of this plant are also consumed in raw form or after cooking.
  • The flowery tips are also dried and utilised as an active ingredient in numerous medications.


Thujone present in this herb is known to have toxic properties and hence this herb shouldn’t be consumed without the guidance of suitable specialist. Pregnant women should avoid internal consumption of this herb.

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