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Health Benefits of Sczheuan Pepper

Health Benefits of Sczheuan Pepper

Szcehuan pepper is a common herb that is extensively grown in the Szchewan region of China. This herb is known to be in some ways similar to black peppercorns and belongs to the rue family. Numerous varieties of this pepper can be found all across Japan and China however most of them are known to possess similar medicinal benefits. The leaves of this herb are utilised as a spice while the berries of this plant look somewhat like beechnuts. It is widely utilised in the West and hence people pronounce this herb with several other names such as ‘Sichuan Pepper’ ‘fagra’ etc. Benefits of this herb are mentioned below.

Primary Use of this Herb

This aromatic herb is known to provide freshness as well as a feeling of happiness. Other than this it supports your digestion and is known to be beneficial in prevention of issues such as constipation.

Chemical And Nutrient Content in Herb

This herb contains following compounds

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Calories 22
Fat 6g 0%
Carbs 2.7g 0%
Dietary Fibre 1.6g 6%
Protein 3.2g 6%
Vitamin C 30%
Iron 17%
Calcium 17%

Health Benefits of Sichuan Pepper

  1. Helps in Boosting Mood

    This aromatic herb is known to contain smell similar to that found in lemongrass and is hence used for relieving stress on nerves and thereby stimulating the feeling of happiness and calmness. This is one of the prime herbs which can help you during the times of stress and sadness.

  2. Helps in Maintaining Healthy Digestion

    This is one of the prime herbs that is known to support healthy digestion. It boosts up your gastro-intestinal strength and helps in smooth secretion of waste from the body. It helps in relieving issues such as constipation and flatulence.

  3. Helps in Relieving Toothache

    This plant has been utilised for treating numerous dental issues in the region of North America. The powdered form of this herb is known to treat any dental issues ranging from swelling to cavities.

  4. Acts as a Stimulant for Appetite

    Aren’t you on a healthy eating regime? Is your diet too little? If yes, then try adding Sichuan pepper to it and watch as it increases your desire to eat more food.

  5. Is Known to be Full of Minerals

    This pepper is known to be beneficial for health as it is known to contain a ton of minerals. It contains iron which helps in production of red blood cells, it contain potassium which acts as a vasodilator and other minerals such as phosphorous, zinc etc. each of which has numerous advantages.

  6. Is a Good Source of Vitamins

    These peppers are known to be filled with numerous Vitamins such as carotenes, pyridoxine, thiamine and other minerals such as potassium and copper.

How to Use

  • The leaves of this pepper are utilised as a spice in numerous cuisines.
  • The dried fruits are used for extraction of oil which can be used in numerous dishes.


If consumed in excess then this herb might lead to an upset stomach and or other digestive issues such as constipation and diaarhoea.

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