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    Health Benefits of Fruits
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Tangerines are a particular variation of Mandarin oranges (Citrus Reticulate) which are rosy orange in colour. They belong to a family named ‘Rutaceae’ and are developed primarily in the tropical areas of Southeast Asia.

Nectarines are truly delicious fruits which have a place with the ‘Rosaceae’ family similar to plums and peaches. They are very similar to peaches in appearance except there is no fluffiness on the skin of nectarines as it is there on peaches.

Health Benefits of Vegetables
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    Health Benefits of Herbs
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Saw Palmetto is a herb that is usually found in the North American regions especially near the gulf coasts. This herb which is known by the scientific name of Serenoa repens is known to have a really long life span.

Homeopathy Medication

For a very long time now, people have in a very derogatory way questioned homeopathy and its effects. There has been a constant derision about homeopathy medicines and homeopathy practitioners.

Diabetes is a medical condition where the sugar levels in your blood are high enough to cause you other problems. There are two types of diabetes- Type I and Type II.

Heat rashes are basically skin irritations appearing due to hot and humid weather conditions. They are prevalent in the summer season and are worsened by the heat of the surroundings.

Homeopathic treatment is considered very effective and best because the homeopathic medicines have no side effects.

Nobody ever really mentions this or decides to talk about this but there has always been a cold war between homeopathy and allopathy. Both have their own merits and demerits.


Acne is derived from the Greek word Akme meaning spot. Acne is a skin disorder characterised by blackheads, black spots, scars, pimples, pinheads, blemishes etc.


Diabetes is a troublesome lifestyle disorder associated with the imbalance of blood sugar levels in the body. This is due to the secretion of lesser amounts of insulin than required by the pancreas.