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Avocados are otherwise called Alligator Pears, because of its shape and the rugged appearance of its skin. It is an organic product that is developed on Persea Americana, which is an evergreen tree from the Lauraceous family.

Fall is rapidly drawing nearer, and the season conveys not only the pleasant weather but also our most loved fresh, pre-winter treat: apples.

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Pregnancy is a vital period in a woman’s life. It is a huge responsibility and it changes the physical and psychological structure of a woman.

Vaginal flora when healthy helps prevent infections. But sometimes, the healthy vaginal flora is overpowered by other micro-organisms. One such infection cause by Candida albicans which is a type of yeast is termed as ‘Candidiasis’.

Diarrhoea or Loose motions as it is commonly called is the phenomenon where the stool or feces is excreted from the body in a liquid and loose form.

One of the most common problems that has always troubled a lot of people is dandruff. There are countless over the counter products that claim to make your scalp dandruff free but do they really work?

A lot of people are laughed at for perspiring profusely. Excessive sweating is not only a medical problem but it can also thwart and make your social experiences uneasy.